By Michela DellaMonica, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — Fans will be getting into the spirit for the World Cup, and rooting on the Brazilian Selecão team with the essential World Cup gear from head to toe. From t-shirts to flip-flops to colorful wigs and hats, face paint and even nails, the cheerful spirit of the World Cup has arrived and is bubbling throughout the streets of Rio.

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Fans will be representing in their World Cup gear from head to toe, photo by Peter F/Flickr Creative Commons License.

Those looking for some budget accessories should take a walk through SAARA, the decorative outdoor street market of Rua Alfandega in Centro and a selection of Brazil t-shirts from adult sizes to small children are for sale. There one can also find colorful wigs, blow horns, funky sunglasses and more to exaggerate and hype up the wardrobe.

The festive streets are decorated with green and yellow flags that will be sure stir up excitement. “I love going to Rua Alfandega [at SAARA] whenever I have an event because I can find lots of cheap and fun things for my costume or outfit,” says Carioca Thais Valega.

Another fundamental for many will be the Havaianas brand. Brazil’s global flip-flop company, which launched a Team Collection flip-flop for men, women and children with fifteen flags on the straps for each team competing in this year’s World Cup. Brazil’s flip-flop is available in either blue and white or green and yellow.

Other essential accessories during the World Cup include Brazilian flags decorated bags and backpacks. Gilson Martins, an accessory store located in Copacabana and Ipanema, has a new line of bags part of its line “Sou+Brasil”. Feature bags include the “Bolsa Camisa” or the “Jersey Bag” which looks like a Brazil team jersey in the form of a shoulder bag.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Various ways to incorporate the Brazilian flag colors as nail art, photo by

Also the “Maleta Campo,” a square shoulder bag that looks like a soccer field; the “Bolsa Bola de Futebol” which is a small purse in the shape of a soccer ball; and finally the “Mochila Camisa Selecão” which is a backpack in the shape of a Brazil team jersey.

“Items like ‘Bolsa bola de futebol’ and ‘Mochilinha camisa seleção are recommended for the woman who is planning to go to public places, like the FIFA Fan Fest or the stadiums because they are small and easy to carry,” says Fillipo Fabiano, marketing director of Gilson Martins. “The bags ‘Bolsa camisa 10’ and ‘Bolsa campo de futebol’ are recommended for more private places, like VIP areas in the stadiums and small parties. They are fashion forward and sophisticated.”

The newest rage is World Cup nail art. Beauty salons throughout Rio are offering Brazilian flag designs and nail polish colors in green and yellow. The trend kicked off when pop stars Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte wore dramatic Brazilian nail art designs in the music video for the song “We Are One” for the World Cup featuring Pit Bull.

Salons like Eduarda Rodrigues Studio Hair and Spa in Copacabana, Studio Vera Mosconi Beauty in Ipanema and Le Monde Hair in Barra da Tijuca are offering expert and detailed World Cup designs for nails. There are many ways to show Brazilian pride in the upcoming weeks for the World Cup, creativity is key and recommended.


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