By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – With the Rio 2016 Olympic Games less than a month away, a new exhibition “Tudo é Movimento” (All is Movement), by Bruno Big celebrates the beauty of movement in non-Olympic sports and in everyday life in the city. Opened on July 7th in the Galeria Homegrown Ipanema and remaining on display through July 30th, the exhibition features paintings, engravings, and fine art prints.

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Galeria Homegrown Ipanema will host Bruno Big’s exhibition “Tudo é Movimento” from July 7th through July 30th, image reproduction courtesy of Primeiro Plano.

“We’re always moving, where we stand, even in activities like Yoga. The universe is in motion,” said Big in a released statement. “I chose sports that are part of the life of Rio, surfing, altinha [“keep up,” a game where players in a circle attempt to keep a soccer ball in the air between them without using their arms or hands], dancing, and capoeira, for example.”

Big creates his work using different techniques including traditional painting, engraving, woodcutting, stenciling, graffiti and experimental printmaking, among others.

Born in 1980 as Bruno Carneiro Mosciaro but now best known as Bruno Big, the artist and designer holds a degree in visual communication from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC – Rio).

During his career thus far, Big has participated in multiple projects and exhibitions around the world. In addition to several exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro, Big’s works have been exhibited in Barcelona, Miami, and Paris. Additionally, Big has worked with major brands and organizations including Coca-Cola, Farm, Canal Brasil, RedBull, Nike, and the World Surf League.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News, Brazil, Galeria Homegrown Ipanema, "Tudo é Movimento", Art Exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro, Bruno Big, Ipanema, Bruno Carneiro Mosciaro
The works that make up the “Tudo é Movimento” exhibition celebrate the beauty of movement, image reproduction courtesy of Primeiro Plano.

In 2015, Big helped to design Nike’s ‘Ousadia e Alegria’ (Boldness and Joy) collection and campaign for famous Brazilian soccer (football) player Neymar Jr. To commemorate the launch of the collection, which included training apparel and footwear, Big painted a giant mural at the Terra Negra football club in Barcelona, Spain. Big also returned to Brazil to paint a 100-square-meter mural on one of the outer walls of the sports complex court at Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr. in Praia Grande, São Paulo.

Big worked as an art curator for the Galeria Homegrown Ipanema for five years and has since remained involved with projects and partnerships with other artists in the city.

Opened in 2006, the Galeria Homegrown Ipanema has become well known for hosting exhibitions by Brazilian and international artists ranging from street artists to illustrators to photographers to designers to tattoo artists.

The “Tudo é Movimento” exhibition will remain on display in Galeria Homegrown Ipanema through July 30th. Prices for the paintings, engravings, screen prints and fine art prints range from R$300 to R$13,000.

What: Bruno Big Exhibition “Tudo é Movimento”
When: July 7th – July 30th. Mondays through Fridays, 10AM – 8PM, Saturdays and holidays, 10AM to 6PM.
Where: Galeria Homegrown Ipanema, R. Maria Quitéria, 68 – Ipanema
Entrance: FREE


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