By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – In celebration of Lent, the CADEG market in Zona Norte (North Zone) will hold the Festival Mesa Santa, a fish and wine culinary festival, from April 4th through the 13th. As is traditional for some during Lent, the period leading from Carnival to Easter, no red meat will be used in the preparation of the meals.

Brazil News, Rio de Janeiro, CADEG, Food in Rio
CADEG’s popular Barsa restaurant will offer Frigideira de Bacalhau (fried salted Cod) during the Festival Mesa Santa, photo courtesy Tratto Comunicação.

Instead, the nine participating restaurants and emporiums will offer dishes of various types of cod, pasta, risottos, stews and sushi served with specially selected wines. In addition to the meals, the festival will also host two days of talks and workshops taught by sommeliers in the auditorium of the market.

The Centro de Abastecimento do Estado da Guanabara, better known as CADEG, is a three-floor fruit, vegetable, plant and flower market, well-known for early morning bargain shopping. With many restaurants also located within the 100,000 square-meter space and more and more culinary and gastronomic events held there, CADEG is an increasingly popular destination for local foodies and adventurous tourists.

For the Festival Mesa Santa the nine participating restaurants and emporiums of; Barsa, Corujão do CADEG, Café Dellas, Empório Gourmet Show, Brasas Show, Espetáculo, Empório Quintana, ruta São Sebastião, and Costelão do CADEG, will add special dishes to their menus and continue to serve up culinary delights enticing locals and guests.

At Barsa, one of the more popular establishments within the market, award-winning chef Marcelo Barcellos will add Frigideira de Bacalhau (Fried Bacalhau, salted cod) to his menu for the festival. Served in portions for two, complete with two glasses of 2012 Los Vascos Chardonnay, the meal is priced at R$122. A Santo Risoto meal for two will also be offered with two glasses of 2012 Anakena Sauvignon Blanc for R$136.

Brazil News, Rio de Janeiro, CADEG, Fish and Wine Festival, Festival Mesa Santa, Food in Rio
Brasas Show will offer Moranga à Moda Brasas during the festival, image courtesy Tratto Comunicação.

CADEG’s popular Corujão will offer Cherne à Moda served with 2009 Miolo Reserva Chardonnay for R$38. While the Café Dellas will serve Arroz Mar (Sea Rice) with 2013 Santa Emma Select Terroir Chardonnay for R$32.

For R$114.80, the Empório Gourmet Show will offer Arroz à Moda Nill (a rice dish) served with a bottle of 2011 Fausto de Pizzato Merlot. The establishment will also offer the Mix Taça Santa (Santa Cup Mix), 42 pieces of sushi, sashimi and makimonos paired with a bottle 2010 Perini Osaka Sushi wine. That combo will be priced at R $104.80.

Brasas Show will offer Moranga à Moda (a pumpkin and shrimp dish) for two with a 2012 bottle of Clara Benega sChardonnay for R$129. They will also offer Batata Rostie à Moda Show (a potato dish) for two with a bottle of 2012 Casa Silva Sauvignon Blanc Colección Oficial for R$109.80.

Espetáculo will offer Caldeirada Espetáculo (stew) with a bottle of 2011 Valle de Rengo Sauvignon Blanc. Priced at R$ 114.80, the meal serves two. At Empório Quintana, Penne ao Molho de Pêra (Penne pasta with pear sauce) will be offered paired with glasses of 2013 Casa Valduga Premium Chardonnay for R$38.90.

While at Gruta São Sebastião, Badejo à Lisboeta (a meal of rice and fish) will be offered with a glass of 2013 Viu Manent Sauvignon Blanc Estate Collection Reserve for R$59. Finally at Costelão do CADEG, Bacalhau Lusitano (salted cod usually served with onions and potatoes) will be paired with glasses of 2012 La Linda Malbec. Serving two, the meal is priced at R$99.

The festival is held in Benfica, an area in Zona Norte and will run from April 4th through the 13th. For hours of operation and more information see the CADEG website here.

What: Festival Mesa Santa, Fish and Wine Festival
When: April 4th-13th
Where: Mercado Municipal do Rio – CADEG, Rua Capitão Félix 110, Benfica
Entrance: Entry is free (dishes and wines price vary)


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