By Maíra Amorim, Contributing Reporter

Caetano Veloso (with red t-shirt) and Banda Cê, photo provided by Universal Music press department.
Caetano Veloso (with red t-shirt) and Banda Cê, photo provided by Universal Music press department.

RIO DE JANEIRO – “zii e zie.” Yes, without capital letters. The name may sound strange, but it is indeed the title of Caetano Veloso’s new album. And, when it comes to this artist,  such creative names should not be unexpected – after all, he is one of Brazil’s most renowned singer/songwriters. From May 8th to May 10th (Friday to Sunday) he will perform his latest work live at Canecão, in Botafogo.

Caetano Veloso is performing with Banda Cê, the band that was formed to record his last album, Cê, released in 2006. The last album was more of a rock´n´roll disc than zii e zie, which is dedicated to samba and popular music. Veloso defines this new album genre as “transamba,” the expression used as a subtitle to the disc´s name, although critics point out it is more melancholy then traditional samba.

During a video interview in zii e zie´s press release kit, Caetano explains: “On the back cover, I put “transrock”, to define our attitude.”

Veloso also describes how he chose to name the album:

– I wanted to put an Italian name to the album, although there was no relation between the music and Italy. I was touring in Italy and a fan who always goes to my concerts gave me a book from a Turkish author as a gift, in which the character lived in a luxurious home with his family, including his uncles and aunts, which in Italian is zii e zie. It looked really enigmatic to me, like an oriental language, really beautiful.

In this latest project, Caetano decided to explore new ways of producing music in the internet era. He created a blog named “Obra em progresso” (Work in progress), where he wrote about the creative process and also posted videos with the rehearsal of some new songs. The blog became really popular, and Caetano also used it to express his opinions about subjects beyond music.

– The blog is like a virtual bar. It was made to cover the making of this new album, but as I really like to chat, I started to talk about other things – and people enjoyed it. It should end, but maybe it will be transformed in something else. – he said.

Fans and critics have made comments on the blog about the songs posted there, which have influenced the making of zii e zie. During this weekend’s concert the audience will get to hear how the songs sound live.

– My favorite song as a composer is “Por Quem”. But I didn’t really like the way my voice sounded on the album. I think I sing better when I’m in front of people. It is hard for me to imagine the audience when I’m on studio.

Caetano, who is 66 years old, works with young musicians in Banda Cê: Ricardo Dias Gomes (bass, 28), Pedro Sá (guitar, 35) and Marcelo Callado (drums, 29).

Caetano Veloso and Banda Cê present zii e zie
May 8th 2009 – 10 PM
May 9th 2009 – 10 PM
May 10th 2009 – 8:30 PM

Av. Venceslau Brás, 215 – Botafogo
Tel.: 00 55 21 2105-2000
Tickets from R$60 to R$280


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