By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – To celebrate International Women’s Day (Dia Internacional da Mulher – in Portuguese), the weekly Karaokê Indie party at Casa da Matriz in Botafogo is hosting a special Girl Power edition, and opens the microphone with some of the top hits from great female performers, from indie rock to pop and R&B.

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To celebrate the International Women’s Day, Karaokê Indie at Casa da Matriz is hosting a special Girl Power edition, event promotion photo.

Every Wednesday the Karaokê Indie – or Indie Karaoke – party brings out the extroverts and undiscovered voices across Rio de Janeiro, with a unique selection of music to sing to, interspersed with DJs at one of Rio’s top club venues.

Pilar Garcez, the producer and one of the DJs of tonight’s Girl Power event shared, “It’s an eight hour event with music, drinks, food and singing – and everyone is welcome: male and female (over 18!)”​

In addition to being produced by a woman, organizers say that Karaokê Indie already has a seventy percent female audience. Also for this Girl Power edition, the party will host some of the city’s most empowered DJs: Millah Bass (Festa Pt/Mais Glitter Pfvr), Elisa Possas (E eu que era Emo?), Luana Paiva (Fetish Lab), Pilar Garcez (Rainbow Party/Shondaland Party) and Julia Argentin (GoParty).

The weekly party starts at 9PM, which happens to fits nicely with Happy Hour from 8PM until 10PM. Entrance fees before 10PM range from R$20 with guest list before 10PM to R$35 without guest list after. There is also a double dose promotion of frozen drinks made available all night, with craft beers and Cosmopolitans on offer.

The venue says that the new music menu of over 10,000 songs at Karaokê Indie includes the hottest new female indie performers like; Hole, Paramore, L7, The Runaways and Florence and the Machine, as well as the divas of indie, pop and R&B, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Adele, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Britney Spears.

In a 2012 interview, club manager Rafael Nogurera is familiar with karaoke enthusiasts and explains the attraction. “Many people love karaoke and it’s not just one type of person, it’s a whole range of people. I think they enjoy being up on stage holding a microphone and being able to sing the songs of their favorite artists.”

Casa da Matriz celebrated their fifteen year anniversary in 2015, and more than just a nightclub, the venue aims to celebrate live shows, theater, and alternative music through many weekly events. Its creation and success later lead to the formation of Grupo Matriz, which in addition to Casa da Matriz, managed Teatro Odisséia in Lapa, Albrg da Matriz in Botafogo, and Choperia Brazooka in Centro.

What: Casa da Matriz – Karaokê Indie – Girl Power edition
When: March 8, 2017, starts at 9PM
Where: Rua Henrique de Novaes 107, Botafogo
Entrance: R$20 (with name on list until 10PM), R$25 (with name on list after 10PM), R$35 (no name on list after Midnight)


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