By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Closed for three years the popular Casa Rosa in Laranjeiras reopens this weekend (Saturday, May 6th and Sunday, May 7th) with the ‘Casa Rosa Food Park’ event. From 1PM to 9PM both days, the free entrance market offers artisanal beer, food fashion and music.

Closed for three years, Casa Rosa in Laranjeiras reopens, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Closed for three years, Casa Rosa in Laranjeiras reopens on this weekend for a daytime event, photo internet recreation.

According to Giulia Andrade, cultural producer of Casa Rosa Food Park, the event is an opportunity to promote new Carioca entrepreneurs in Rio.

“We gathered [brands from] diverse sectors that have became very successful in Rio. And this idea of a ‘varieties market’ is very popular and attractive to Cariocas nowadays,” explained Andrade.

At the event, guests will find specialty craft beers, artisanal burgers (meat and veggie), sweets, clothing brands and home decorations. Macho Gourmet (burger), Therezinha Stout (beer) and Up2U (clothing) are some of the exhibitors that will be present at the market. Also during the event, DJ Mary Dee will be in charge of the music.

Acting as a cultural center and night club since the 1990s, Casa Rosa has long been a favorite spot for Cariocas and visitors, especially for those who enjoy Brazilian popular music, like samba and forró, and their Sunday feijoada events.

In April 2014, Casa Rosa shut down due to a court decision prohibiting night entertainment activities on Rua Alice in Laranjeiras, the residential street where the property is located. Three years later, the venue reopens with “Casa Rosa Food Park”, a day-time market that ends at 9PM, respecting Rio’s Silence Law (which allows noise until 10PM) and not disturbing residents.

What: Casa Rosa Food Park
When: Saturday May 6th – Sunday May 7th, from 1PM to 9PM
Where: Rua Alice, 550, Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro.
Entrance: FREE


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