By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB) in Rio de Janeiro will continue to host the fifth of its Prêmio CCBB Contemporâneo (CCBB Contemporary Award) 2015 – 2016 exhibition series, São Paulo artist Carla Chaim’s Colapso de Onda (Collapse of the Wave) exhibition, through January 4th.

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Carla Chaim’s 140m2 graphite powder exhibition Colapso de Onda at CCBB Rio, photo by Mario Grisolli, press image.

Opened on November 18th, the exhibition is a large 140-square-meter installation consisting of graphite powder spread across the walls and floor of CCBB Rio’s Sala A Contemporânea (Contemporary Room A).

“The powdered graphite suggests a story made up of millions of points that unite and become a homogeneous plane, becoming an object, palpable, a drawing in space,” said Chaim of her work. For the exhibition, Chaim also created “Multiversoe”, an over sixty-page book featuring the powdered graphite randomly spread between the pages to form varying compositions.

The Colapso de Onda exhibition is the fifth of ten to be displayed in the Sala A Contemporânea as part of the ongoing Prêmio CCBB Contemporâneo (CCBB Contemporary Award) 2015 – 2016 exhibition series. The projects of the series were chosen from among 1,823 entries made from across the country.

Colapso de Onda will be the final exhibition of 2015 and follows the exhibitions by Chelpa Ferro, Fernando Limberger, Vicente de Mello, and Jaime Lauriano.

In 2016 the space will house exhibitions and installations by Ricardo Villa, Flávia Bertinato, Alan Borges, Ana Hupe, and Floriano Romano.


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