By Fiona Hurrell, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Scientist Emile Durkheim’s Collective Consciousness or ‘Coletivo Consciente’ in Portuguese, is a term that in Rio, aptly refers to a creative group comprised of actors, directors and producers who stage independent, artistic film screenings and music shows in Baixo Gávea.

Short movie screenings at Marquês da Gávea in Baixo Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Short movie screenings at Marquês da Gávea in Baixo Gávea, photo by Coletivo Concientes.

Founded in December 2011 by Rita Sinara and eight other key members, Coletivo Consciente takes place every other Monday, and provides a platform where aspiring filmmakers can share their work with the public.

The events offer the opportunity for attendees to mingle with a variety of filmmakers, artists, musicians, and actors including actress Juliana Boller who is a key member of the group. The other founders are Marcio Regaleira, Amanda Andressa, Isadora Forte, Douglas Flois, Vicente Mello, Marta Tramonti and Felipe Bond.

Environmental consultant and expatriate in Rio, Alfonso Steffani, has attended a recent Coletivo Consciente event and describes the atmosphere as “innovative and avant-garde.”

He adds “The events themselves bring exposure to artists in a very informal and intimate way. It seems a bit less cliquish and more open than other art events that I have been to in Rio.”

In many ways the organization acts as a community for artists and independent filmmakers who are passionate about their creations and are grateful for the laid back atmosphere in which to showcase their work.

Sinara reiterates this notion, explaining, “[We] created the Coletivo Consciente so a group of artists could get together and do their art without worrying about a whole industry that stifles because the supply is greater than the demand.”

Since Sinara is supportive of artists and their trade, she insists that anyone and everyone is welcome, whether they have something to exhibit or simply want to be part of the audience. Coletivo Consciente’s job, she says, is purely to present the work “We have no reason to judge, nor are we concerned with the result. We show art and point!”

The crowd waits for the next short movie to start while the jazz band plays at Marquês da Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
The crowd waits for the next short movie to start while the jazz band plays at Marquês da Gávea, photo by Marcio Regaleira/Coletivo Concientes.

As well as showcasing short films, Coletivo Consciente has invited a jazz band called Quinteto Nuclear. Although Sinara explains that the bands may change, the music genre will remain the same, and the sounds of jazz can be heard before and after the movies are screened.

The events are usually held at Marquês da Gávea, a venue that Sinara claims embodies the laid back atmosphere that personifies the group’s objectives. Sinara reveals “We chose the bar just because we wanted to bring it to life and allow anyone to go.”

Moreover, the event is free and open to anyone, thus creating a diverse crowd of different ages and nationalities, all united by their love of film and music. Steffani explains, “The events are a great way to connect with people and meet artists in the art scene in Rio de Janeiro. It a good way to have fun and meet people in a very informal way.”

The next scheduled Coletivo Consciente event is due to take place on June 1st, titled ‘Messages of the Body’. The theme will examine the findings of Japanese Scientist Masaru Emoto who investigated human consciousness and its affect on the molecular structure of water. Sinara explains, “The theme involves the five senses, not only with their meanings easily perceived but what is beyond them.”

The presentation will take place at Casario Real in Botafogo and since there are no tickets or entrance fees, guests may be wise to arrive early in order to secure a seat. See the groups Facebook page to learn of upcoming events.


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