By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – With the aim of promoting Brazil’s most traditional bar dishes, “Comida di Buteco” food festival continues through this weekend until Sunday, May 14th in sixty bars spread all over the city, including Centro, Zona Sul (South Zone), Zona Oeste (West Zone) and Zona Norte (North Zone).

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This year, “Comida di Buteco” challenges the bars to create a snack made of a cereal, press photo.

In its 18th edition, the festival challenges the participant bars to create a new snack made of some cereal. Thus, rice, corn, quinoa, wheat and oat are ingredients one will certainly find in the event.

According to the festival organizers, one of the reasons why “cereal” was picked as the edition’s theme-ingredients is the fact they are easy to find everywhere in Brazil, every time of the year.

Price-wise, the festival is also aiming to be accessible to all with dished participating in the competition costing under R$25,90. Popular bars like Bar Urca, Bar da Gema, Galeto Sats and Bar do David are some of the competitors in this edition.

The winning dish will be chosen by a group of specialist judges, but the public can also participate in the voting. Each dish will be evaluated in the following categories: hygiene, service, beverage’s temperature and the food itself. The votes from the public and from the jury will both have the same value.

“Comida di Buteco” was originally created in Minas Gerais, seventeen years ago. Today, the event happens simultaneosly in twenty Brazilian cities. One of the event’s purposes is rescuing Brazil’s old popular cuisine.

After the first phase of the competition, winners from every city will participate on Comida di Buteco’s national contest.

What: Comida Di Buteco Food Festival
Where: All over Rio de Janeiro. Check the festival’s map to see the bars localizations.
When: Until Sunday (May 14th)
Entrance: Free


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