By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Comprising fifteen galleries of work from both renowned names and newcomers to Brazil’s contemporary arts scene alike, the sixth edition of Atlântico Contemporâneo got underway this month at Copacabana’s wonderful art deco Cassino Atlântico mall. With works by the likes of Beatriz Milhazes, Monica Barki and Franz Weissmann, the event runs until October 26th.

Galeria TNT Beatriz Milhazes
‘Você Me Olha Por Quê? Por Que Você Esta Me Olhando?’ by Beatriz Milhazes, press image.

“Our goal is to provide quality art for all tastes,” says Ana Maria Monteiro de Carvalho, one of the event’s coordinators. “We create a relaxed and young atmosphere with a group exhibition that has a unique format in the country.”

“With a 1,500 square-meter space filled with the simultaneous exhibitions, Cassino Atlântico became the largest – and leading – permanent center for contemporary art in Rio de Janeiro,” she continues. The exhibits will include prints, paintings, sculptures, and photographs from over forty artists, mostly hailing from from Brazil.

The fifteen participating galleries are; H.Rocha Galeria de Arte, Canvas, TNT Contemporânea, Espaço Eliana Benchimol, Galeria Movimento, Galeria Inox, Galeria Athena, Galeria Athena Contemporânea, Tramas, Colecionador Escritório de Arte, Galeria Patricia Costa, Maurício Pontual Galeria, Galeria Márcia Barrozo do Amaral, VG Arte and Espaço Cultural M. D. Gotlib.

One of the highlights is TNT Contemporânea’s ‘A Look at Art of the Americas’ featuring the Beatriz Milhazes painting ‘Você Me Olha Por Quê? Por Que Você Esta Me Olhando?’. Inox gallery, meanwhile, features a series of documentaries that show the creative process and techniques of artists including Alexandre Orion, Lívia Moura, Marco Veloso, Smael and Xevi Solà.

Marcia Barrozo do Amaral_Relevo 43
Galvão’s ‘Relevo 43’ forms part of the Marcia Barrozo do Amaral Galeria de Arte exhibit, press image.

The Athena gallery space hosts ‘A Feira da Incoerência’, featuring twelve new works by the artist Raquel Versieux, the first collaboration between the two since Athena began representing her back in March. Rio’s newest public art musuem, MAR, recently incorporated Versieux’s work into its own permanent exhibition, but here the 29 year-old Belo Horizonte native casts doubt on the meaning of art and the status of artistic production in what is a thriving sector.

Also showing in the Athena Contemporânea gallery works by Alfredo Volpi, Antonio Dias, Lucio Fontana, Richard Serra and Franz Weissmann.

“The Atlântico Contemporâneo brand provides a solid foundation for the formation of a new audience,” continues coordinator, and part of the Inox gallery team, Carvalho. “This is important for the renewal and consolidation of the market.”

Six of the fifteen galleries participating in Atlântico Contemporâneo were also involved in September’s huge celebration of modern art, ArtRio, an event that has helped propel the city’s contemporary scene to its current giddy heights, both in terms of production and appreciation. Not forgetting, for those who can afford it, personal collection. Whatever your position, though, even the most amateur of admirers will find plenty to feast on in this corner of Copacabana until the end of the month.

What: Atlântico Contemporâneo
Where: Shopping Cassino Atlântico, Av. Atlântica 4240, Copacabana
When: Thursday, October 10th – Saturday, October 26th
Entrance: FREE


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