By Nathan M. Walters, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Cris Delanno and Power Samba Jazz are carrying the torch of the musical tradition in Brazil.  Delanno and company are finishing a highly-anticipated new album (“Nosso Quintal”), and will make their live debut this Friday at Vizta in Leblon.

Cris Delanno and Power Samba Jazz will bring their Bossa Nova sound to Vizta, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Cris Delanno and Power Samba Jazz will bring their bossa nova sound to Vizta this Friday, picture by Frederico Mendes.

Delanno is a veteran of music scene in Rio.  The songstress started her career singing with Luiz Carlos Vinhas, one of the most influential pianist in bossa nova movement of the late 1950’s, but has worked with an impressive collection of Brazilian and international performers.  

Notably, a recent collaboration with former Police guitarist Andy Summers and bossa nova legend Roberto Menescal at the UNESCO E-Award ceremonies during Rio+20 conference.

“Singing with Andy was great.  From time to time we work together and he said I’m becoming Janis Joplin. I think he meant the rock sounds I’m learning just by playing with him,” says Delanno.

Delanno voice is petit and inviting, lulling listeners in different directions: Brazil’s musical past and future.  When fronting the four-piece band (comprised of Alex Moreira – guitar and producer of Power Samba Jazz), Adriano Souza (piano), Guto Wirtti (acoustic bass), and Ronaldo Silva (drums) – Delanno has the presence reminiscent of female jazz vocalist from another era, but with pink hair.

Her appearance is a reflection of her music, always mixing sounds, genres, and ideas. She says; “Joyce Moreno, Leny Andrade are two of my favorite Brazilian singers, but I’m always listening to new sounds, and we always like to work with different flavors.”

elanno performs with The Police guitarist Andy Summers, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Delanno performs with The Police guitarist Andy Summers, photo by Frederico Mendes.

“The Brazilian rapper Gustavo Black Alien recently composed a Waltz with us. We like to mix,” Delanno continues.

Delanno’s new album is in the final stages of production but she and partner Alex Moreira are not in a rush to release the new material. Instead, the two are taking time to work on live projects, like Power Samba Jazz, to explore different style of Brazilian music in front of a live audience.

“We play old school Bossa Nova, like you might hear at ‘Beco das Garrafas,’ a place that many Brazilian jazz trios used to play. Is a different type of bossa nova.  More up beat.”

The recording process is an opportunity for experimenting with styles, and Brazil’s musical diversity offers Delanno and Moreira a full palette to work with. “Well, we’ve been putting a lot of thought into the compositions first. The melody, lyrics, but also we’ve been working on the ambience, mixing different styles on the same Album,” says Delanno.

“Hopefully people will feel the song, the emotion behind all this, more than these technics and work we’ve had.  Music is emotion.  Our music is about love, life, full of hope!”

Delanno brings the curiosity and experimentation that underlies her albums to the live performances, as can be witnessed this Friday, August 17th, at Viztra.

“When I sing, I always try to do something different with the music every single time.  For me that’s what live music is about, especially with my style of music. We have a fun Dub version of Jorge Ben Jor’s “Mas Que Nada,” some of our original songs, many Brazilian classics and a lot of surprises we’re preparing.”

For those interested in the past and future of Brazilian music, a stop at Viztra this Friday is a must.

What: Cris Delanno and Power Samba Jazz
When: August 17th, 10PM
Where: Vizta, Delfim Moreira, 630 – 2° andar, Leblon, RJ
Entrance: R$40


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