By Nathan M. Walters, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – It seems the spirit of the Sixties lives on Rio, as the city has welcomed multiple Woodstock-era legends over the past three months. Joe Cocker, whose image is synonymous with the 1969 festival; Bob Dylan, who, though in the area at the time of the free festival, refused to play; and now, Crosby, Stills and Nash (CSN), whose 1969 performance captured the earthy beauty of acoustic artists of the time, will visit Citibank Hall for a May 13th show.

CSN in Rio May 13th, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Crosby, Stills and Nash will be performing in Rio on Sunday, May 13th, photo by Headmusic/Flickr Creative Commons License.

The original members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted band, David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash, formed the group after playing with seminal acts of the early Sixties: The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, and The Hollies respectively.

Buffalo Springfield’s “For What its Worth” was already one of the anthems of the era, a bold response to the turbulent times, while “Turn, Turn, Turn” from The Byrds was a reminder of the power of change, even in difficult periods.

CSN’s style departed from the sound of the members’ earlier groups and, in so doing, solidified a voice and image that would shape later acts from The Eagles to Jim Groce. Their lyrical style and harmonious singing set the stage for the boom of singer-songwriters in the Seventies, including America and Jackson Browne, and their influence is still heard today.

Anelise Nunes Barreto, who will be traveling from the nearby Volta Redonda for the show, recalls listening to CSN in the early Seventies, “At that time it wasn’t very easy to hear American music in Brazil, but I was a big fan of Jackson Browne and learned about CSN through my appreciation of his music and other singer-songwriters of the era.”

This visit marks the first time CSN will play live in Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
This visit marks the first time CSN will play live in Rio, photo by Citibank Hall.

This visit marks the first time CSN will play live for their Rio fans, but is not the first time the group has considered what is happening in the city. On the 2004 album Crosby and Nash, the track ‘Jesus of Rio’ the singers (without Stills) talk about the social problems facing the city during the troubled time.

“You are standing on top of the world/ With the rich on one side and the poor on the other/ There’s an ocean between them before your eyes/ Is all of humanity ready to rise up,” the opening lyrics speaking to social inequality issues that continue to hinder the city’s development.

CSN has long been concerned with social issues and their music is a melodious as it is powerful. The group, which is occasionally joined by rock legend Neil Young, has recorded tracks addressing the struggles of the Sixties, the tragedy at Kent State in Ohio, and the importance of family. 

“Teach Your Children” remains one of the bands most popular tracks, attendees can expect to hear this and many of the bands hits and then some. Other timeless songs likely to be heard again are; “Southern Cross”, “Our House” and “Carry On/Questions”.

Their tour through Brazil and stop in Rio speaks to the growing attraction of the city for international acts. Tickets are still available for the show, although in line with recent concert prices in Rio, they are not cheap.

Crosby, Stills and Nash
Citibank Hall, May 13th, 10PM
Av. Ayrton Senna, 3000 – Barra da Tijuca
Tickets from R$185 (Students) – R$370 Full Price


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