By Charlotte Markham, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Two months after the artist Dado Oliveira launched his exhibition “Ignição,” which featured designs made from coal and gunpowder, he has now been invited to exhibit more works in the Galeria Modernistas (Modernists Gallery) in Santa Teresa. The show “Bruta Elaborada” (Elaborated Brutality) will run for one month from Saturday June 4th, featuring works that combine brutality and sensitivity.

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Oliveira’s Antes da Chuva and Depois da Chuva oil paintings, photo by Leandro Tumenas/Courtesy of Cezanne Comunicação.

It has been six months since Oliveira impressed Cariocas with the art he produced using coal and gunpowder, a process which has influenced his current collection of oil paintings. As seen in “Ignição” this collection uses techniques in order to reaffirm the intangible brutality of life, such as his painting depicting a women worker sat in a garden, exhausted, at the end of her ability, conveying a worried expression.

The artist affirmed that he moved forward using his previous works, “Now the paintings emerge with the same rude nature, inevitably, even now I’m getting used to channel the most intense vibrations of the social atmosphere to support my work,” explained Oliveira.

Highlights of the exhibition include oils on wood “Before the Rain” and “After the Rain,” which are essentially human paintings that carry the deep interest of the artist from his everyday experience in interpersonal relationships to the intimate dilemmas in the face of relentless existence. The result is an expressive painting, textured, with a balance of shapes in the composition and harmonious relationship between colors.

Explaining the exhibition’s title, Elaborated Brutality, Oliveira stated, “My rough side wants to mix now with my patience and delicacy. So I am able to materialize on screen feelings or human conditions from the composition of forms , scraped and textured.” Following the success of his last compositions this exhibition is well anticipated by artist and critics in Rio de Janeiro.

Dado Oliveira was born on May 28, 1977, he lived for his first 22 years in the city of Angra dos Reis, then moved to Rio de Janeiro in 2000 to study Industrial Design/Visual Communication in UniverCidade. Today he lives in Santa Teresa, where he has his studio and develops his research in the design and figurative painting.

What: Art Exhibition “Bruta Elaborada” by Dado Oliveira
When: June 4th through July 4th. After the launch at 7PM on June 4th the exhibition is open Tuesday to Saturday from 1PM to 6PM.
Where: Santa Teresa Galeria Modernistas, inside the Hotel Modernistas, Rua Pascoal Carlos Magno 39, Santa Teresa – Rio de Janeiro
Entrance: FREE


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