By Sarah Brown, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On Friday, November 18th, nightlife venue The Maze, which sits on the peak of Tavares Bastos, will host a special edition dance party with DJ Dan Lucas from London performing the best of dance and electronic music throughout the night, creating what promises to be an unforgettable night.

The sunrise from The Maze, Rio de Janeiro, photo by The Maze.
The sunrise from The Maze, Rio de Janeiro, photo by The Maze.

The Maze is a music and entertainment venue at the top of the community, Tavares Bastos, a pacified community that is considered one of the safest in Rio de Janeiro. The venue itself is famed for its all night parties, an alternative crowd and the mesmorizing views that overlook the city.

“The Maze is a special place”, describes DJ Dan Lucas to The Rio Times. “It’s one of the most incredible music venues I’ve ever been to and when there’s a good crowd up here you can’t beat it.”

“The building itself is a work of art, the owner Bob has poured his life & soul into this building over the past thirty years and you can feel that life and love in every brick and on every curve”, he adds. “Over the past year volunteers from around the world have been creating mosaics on the walls outside – imagine if the Selaron steps were a house – which reflects the ever changing nature of this place as well as the creativity which seems to infect everyone who comes here.”

DJ Dan Lucas is a DJ from London who will be performing at The Maze on Friday. He describes his passion for collecting music as an obsession and is always on the hunt for new sounds wherever he is in the world. On Friday he will be animating the crowd with dance and electronic music beats yet he remains open-minded to what he will play.

“I love playing electronic music infused with South American sounds; drums, percussion, tribal voices, traditional instruments, so I’d love the chance to play some of this”, he reveals when asked about his playlist for Friday. “I love playing house and techno, especially anything with melody or rhythm or soul.”

“Of course I have a few special tracks up my sleeve which always get people moving in London so hopefully they will work here in Rio too.”

The Maze, Rio de Janeiro, photo by The Maze.
The Maze, Rio de Janeiro, photo by The Maze.
The combination of a funky, cool venue that brings sensational views, fun-loving crowds and some of the best music lined up for this weekend promises to be a night to remember.

“Expect to dance, expect to drink, expect to lose yourself in one of The Maze’s many twists and turns, expect to find yourself staring out at the Rio skyline and feeling incredibly lucky to be experiencing this marvelous city”, says DJ Dan Lucas. “Expect to discover some secrets in the mosaics, expect to meet some interesting people and above all expect to have some fun.”

On the night, there will be several mototaxis and white mini vans at the base of the hill that will take guests up to the top and leave them at the entrance of the venue. The pick up point is just one block from metro Catete. See their Facebook page for more information on how to arrive.

What: Dance party at The Maze
When: Friday, November 18th – 10PM
Where: R. Tavares Bastos, 414 – Casa 66 – Catete – Tel: (21) 2558-5547
Entrance: R$15 – R$20


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