By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – This Saturday, June 24th, over seventy music attractions perform for free in the State of Rio to celebrate Dia da Música (The Day of Music). Inspired in France’s Fête de la Musique (The Music Festival of France), the third edition of the event happens from 2PM to 10PM, including music genres like hardcore, samba and ska.

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Group Molho Negro, from Pará, North of Brazil, is the first to perform on the festival’s main stage, photo: internet recreation.

The festival’s main venue, situated at Praça Luís de Camões, in Glória, will host nine different attractions. Opening the event will be group Molho Negro, from Pará, North of Brazil, which will present an ironic and straightforward rock music at 2PM.

Singer Ana Muller will be the following attraction, performing melodic MPB and pop compositions at 3PM. Female band Chicas takes its sharp pop songs to the stage at 4PM, followed by sax player Esdras Nogueira. At 6PM, group Do Amor (From Love group) will promote a true tropical ball.

To get the night started in Glória, collective BT_PGDÃO, along with artists Som Peba + Bobby DJoy and Jeza da Pedra, will warm up the stage with an interesting mixture of electronic and Bahia’s music. The closing attraction at the main stage will be transgender artist Linn da Quebrada, singing very contesting pop, funk and electronic lyrics.

Dia da Música (The Day of Music) will also take place in four other venues in Rio’s city. From 5:30 PM, singers Aura, Monstro Amigo and Anjo Gabriel present the most diverse sub-genres of rock music at Teatro Odisséia, in Lapa. In the same region, Bar Semente hosts DJ Marcelo Vig, Live PA, Mihay and Raquel Coutinho to bring the best of MPB, samba, bossa nova, jazz and chorinho from 8PM.

For those looking for alternative rock and blues, Escritório, in Centro, is the place to go, where Coronel Soares, McGee, The Lost Hope, MOS and Giallos perform from 6PM. At Audio Rebel, in Botafogo, Thiago Nassif and band Plastic Fire will be in charge of the hardcore electro music, at 9PM. Alternative attractions, like workshops, debates and video exhibitions, will take place at Motim, in Centro, at 6PM.

Besides Rio, another nine cities across the State will participate in Dia da Música (The Day of Music), like Nova Iguaçu, with samba and chorinho shows, and Cabo Frio, where rock bands will perform. The main stage, in Glória, will also include the food truck Devorarte, a book and LP market, the stall of home made beer MotoCerva and a playing space for children.

What: Dia da Música (Day of Music) 2017 in Rio de Janeiro
When: this Saturday, June 24th
Where: Praça Luís de Camões, Glória (main stage) – 2PM to 10PM
Entrance: FREE


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