By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – In celebration of Dia da Musica (Day of Music) on Sunday, June 21st, more than forty bands and musicians will play live for free, on ten stages spread across Rio de Janeiro. Peforming everything from the best of Musica Popular Brasileira/MPB (Brazilian Pop) to alternative rock to jazz to chorro to funk, and beyond, acts will include Biltre, the Daniela Spielmann Quarteto, Eduardo Neves & Rogério Caetano, Afrojazz, Ava Rocha, and Omulu, among others.

Dia da Música festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil New
More than forty acts will perform live on Sunday, June 21st in Rio as part of the Dia da Música festival, image recreation.

Also taking place on fifteen stages in São Paulo on both the 20th and the 21st, the Dia da Musica festival was inspired by the French festival, Fête de la Musique. Currently more than seven hundred cities in one hundred countries observe the day, celebrating live music in their respective regions.

In Rio de Janeiro on the Espaço Cultural Sérgio Porto in Humaitá (R. Humaitá, 163), musicians curated by Gustavo Benjão will perform the best of instrumental, MPB, and rock. Mahmed will perform at 5PM; Lê Almeida will follow at 6PM; TiãoDuá will play at 7PM and the band Biltre, who recently performed as part of the VideoAtaq festival, will close the stage beginning at 8PM.

On the Centro Cultural Municipal Parque das Ruínas in Santa Teresa (R. Murtinho Nobre, 169), musicians curated by Kiko Horta, will perform the best of instrumental, jazz, and world music. Água Viva will play at 2PM; the Daniela Spielmann Quarteto will follow at 3PM; Gabriel Versiani will play at 5PM and Bondesom will close out the stage, begining at 6PM.

On the Centro Municipal de Referência da Música Carioca in Tijuca (R. Conde de Bonfim, 824), acts curated by Luciana Rabello will perform the best of choro. Beliscando will take the stage first at 11AM; Rafael Mallmith & Quinteto Varandão will follow at 2PM; Luis Barcelos will play at 7PM and Eduardo Neves & Rogério Caetano will close the stage beginning at 8PM.

On the Sala Baden Powell stage in Copacabana, MC Marachal chose five acts that will perform the best of rap, hip hop and jazz. André Sampaio & Os Afromandinga will start things off at 5PM; Antiéticos will follow at 6PM; Douglas Din will perform at 7PM; and Afrojazz will play beginning at 8PM.

Muscians curated by Márcio Bulk will play the best of MPB, rock and experimental on the Arena Carioca Dicró stage in Penha Circular (R. Flora Lôbo, 100). Leandro Joaquim will start things off at 5PM; followed by Fábrica at 6PM; Rua will then take the stage at 7PM; and Negro Leo will close out the stage beginning at 8PM.

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Chico Dub, Rio producer and creator of the Novas Frequências festival, curated the acts for the Museu de Arte Moderna stage, press image.

On the Arena Carioca Fernando Torres in Madureira stage (R. Bernardino de Andrade, 200), Lorena Calabria will present four of the best alternative, MPB and rock acts. Daniel Caldeira will start things off at 5PM; Vitreaux will follow at 6PM; Alvinho Lancellotti will play at 7PM; and Ava Rocha will headline the stage with a performance beginning at 8PM.

In the Museu de Arte Moderna in Glória (Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 85) Chico Dub brings together four of the best electronic and experimental rock acts. Dedo will start things off at 3PM; Bemônio will follow at 4PM; Psilosamples will play at 5PM and Omulu will close, beginning at 6PM.

Thiago Vedova will present the best of MPB and alternative at Praça Russel in Glória with Rubel beginning the event at 2PM; Yamã playing at 3PM; Dom Pepo taking the stage at 4PM and Mohandas wrapping things up beginning at 5PM.

The Parque Garota de Ipanema stage in Ipanema (R. Francisco Otaviano, 10) will feature the best alternative, rock and MPB acts curated by the Circo Voador venue. Marcelo Vig will play at 2PM; Primos Distantes will follow at 3PM; El Efecto will play at 4PM; and Strobo will play to close out the night beginning at 5PM.

Finally on the Praça Tiradentes stage the most popular acts according to an online public vote for the event will perform. Órbita Cristã will start things off at 1PM; Memorialistas will follow at 2PM; TN3 will perform at 3PM; Chuva a Granel will take to the stage at 4PM; Chicó do Céu will play at 5PM and Cinco Nós will close the stage with a performance beginning at 6PM.

For additional information, see here and the festival’s Facebook page.


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