By Nathan M. Walters, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – DJ Lucio Branco and DJ Egil team up tonight (October 6th) for Festa BREU!, a party at Gafieira Moderna in Rio’s Centro dedicated to the varied dance rhythms of Africa.  The party promises to be both educational and entertaining, as Branco and Egil dig deep into the soul music genre, sharing the fruits of their research for those wanting to get up (or down).

DJs Luis Branco and Egil dig deep into black music tonight at Gafieira Moderna, photo by BREU.

Branco and Egil are two of Rio’s most well-versed funk and soul (referred to in Rio simply as ‘black music’) DJs, both with an impressive depth and breadth of knowledge.

Branco’s work with Makula Fest and Soul, Baby, Soul, and Egil’s involvement with Afro Jazz and Radio Rua, have earned them well-deserved reputations as central figures behind the preservation and understanding of black and African music in Rio.

“DJ Egil and I are always researching, always looking for music the general public is not used to hearing in nightclubs,” says Branco.

“Certain tracks we play are the result of recent discoveries of classic material that never received the proper attention in the mass media.”

Branco and Engil’s music selection may not have made it to the mainstream, but the duo’s set tonight is guaranteed to keep the dance floor moving.

The team will be spinning an eclectic mix from across the black music spectrum.  Including choice selections from the soulfunky, afrobeat, dub, rap, oldschool, and sambalanço genres.

“Our idea is based on DJ John Peel’s statement,  ‘I just want to hear something I’ve never heard before.'” says Branco.

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What: Festa BREU! with DJ Lucio Branco and DJ Egil
WhereGafieira Moderna – Rua do Ouvidor, 21 – Centro
When: October 6th, 11PM
Price: R$15, R$20 after 1AM

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