By Sarah Brown, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Circo Voador in Lapa will present the final of Batalha do Real on November 23rd, as four talented MCs battle it out between them in a series of intense, fast-paced, lyrical-skilled raps for the title of 2016 Batalha do Real winner and a cash prize.

Batalha do Real, Circo Voador, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro
The four finalists, photo by Batalha do Real.

After four stages that took the competition across Rio de Janeiro and presented the new generation of Carioca rap to the city, the final four MCs were whittled down from a total of sixteen competitors. The four finalists are Estudante, Pele, Xan and Xama – four young yet remarkably talented MCs that set to be prominent players on the rap scene in Rio.

In its thirteenth year, Batalha do Real is an incentive program created by the Secretaria Municipal de Cultura (Municipal Department of Culture) that embraces the hip hop scene and encourages talented youth to pursue their ambitious as MCs. It also incorporates street art that is used to decorated the events with all scenery made from repurposed and sustainable materials signed by artists Felipe Bardy and Fabio Ema.

The battle itself between the MCs is a traditional face-to-face knockout style. Each MC has two rounds of 45 seconds to produce their rhymes that challenge the other MC to think quick and respond to the other in a witty and tactical comeback. The winner is decided by the audience that is present at the battle.

Batalha do Real, Circo Voador, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro
The event invites local street art for decorations, photo by Batalha do Real.

The title of winner of Batalha do Real is highly regarded in Brazilian national rap and has been previously claimed by big names such as Emicida, Marechal and Akira Presidente.

In addition to the final battle, Brutal Crew, the event’s organizers, prepared a rap festival that will take place on the stage of Circo Voador, the stage that has loyally served the Batalha do Real’s final step for the last thirteen years.

The festival will include rapper such as Maomé, Marechal, Nissin Oriente and Negra Rê, well known throughout the Carioca rap scene, Additionally, legendary DJs LP, Babz Brutal, Negralha and Saddam will be performing live and there will be shows from Batoré e Papatinho, De Leve, Filipe Ret, MC Coé, Funkero, 3 Preto and Akira Presidente, a concentrated yet solid window into the hip hop scene of Rio.

The final will take place at Circo Voador in Lapa, right by the famous Arcos de Lapa. It begins at 7PM on Wednesday, November 23rd and promises to be an exciting, dynamic night.

What: Final of Batalha do Real
When: Wednesday, November 23rd – 7PM
Where: Circo Voador, R. dos Arcos, s/n – Lapa – Tel: (21) 2533-0354
Entrance: R$20 – R$40


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