By Sarah Brown, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – One of Rio’s most beloved and well-known markets will be back, as always, on the first Saturday of the month, which will fall on January, 7th. To start the year well and celebrate the relentless Rio summer, Feira Rio Antigo will bring a special program that will put an unshakeable spring in all visitors steps.

Marcos Novatto will perform at the Feira Rio Antigo on Saturday, January 7th, photo by Marcos Novatto.
Marcos Novatto will perform at the Feira Rio Antigo on Saturday, January 7th, photo by Marcos Novatto.

Based on Rua Lavradio, Feira Rio Antigo will have its usual various stalls of antiques and vintage items, a treasure trove for visitors willing to engage in some serious rummaging. Yet to make the day more exciting, the fair will invite special music guests to liven up the market and give shopping a wonderful audio backdrop.

The musician Marcos Novatto will lead the sound of the event, in the musical space set in front of the Emilinha Borba Square, on the corner of Rua Lavradio and Rua do Senado. He will perform classic hits of samba de raiz and the greatest tracks from MPB to all those that pass through the charming and historical streets on the 7th.

Marcos Cordoso, a Rio resident, explains how he feels about this event. “This fair is a truly Carioca event and anyone visiting Rio should definitely check it out during their vacation here. I love it here, it has so many interesting things to buy and I love to go to a bar near from there to get a couple of beers and some Brazilian petiscos [bar snacks] after.”

Organized by Associação Polo Novo Rio Antigo (Polo Novo Rio Antigo Association), the fair is one of the most prestigious free events in the city and brings together more than 400 exhibitors, offering a wide variety of products, from handicrafts to vintage items and antiques.

In addition, the bars and restaurants of Lavradio street and surrounding areas open their doors to offer drinks and special dishes for the more than 30,000 visitors that circulate the place during the event.

The tour through the Centro do Rio Antigo is an excellent alternative for those who enjoy architecture. The region, which is one of the oldest in the city, preserves some wonderful mansions built in colonial times.

What: Feira Rio Antigo with a musical program
When: Saturday, January 7th – 10AM
Where: Rua do Lavradio, between Av. Mem de Sá and Av. Visconde do Rio Branco, Centro do Rio Antigo
Entrance: Free


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