By Sarah Brown, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Fundição Progresso celebrates five years of Baile do Bené on Friday, December 23rd which tributes Carioca funk music. The night will bring rhythms such as black music, charme, Miami bass and rap, all the genres that have influenced and are a part of the Rio funk scene.

Buchecha is one of the main musicians that will play tonight, photo by Buchecha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Buchecha is one of the main Carioca Funk musicians that will play tonight at Fundição Progresso, press photo.

The popular music venue in Rio, known for bringing major acts across all music genres, will host Carioca funk legends, Buchecha and DJ Marlboro that aims to make the night an unforgettable one.

The Baile do Bené is currently in its 21st edition. The party attempts to maintain the beats and flows of the past funk scene that has already been held in Bola Preta, Unidos da Tijuca, São Clemente and other diverse venues.

From the Black movement in the 1970s to the profusion of the national funk beats of the 1990s, the Baile do Bené promises to make the crowds at Fundição Progresso get down and dance, with flashbacks to the great baile funks in Rio de Janeiro in the past.

One of the main stars of the night will be Buchecha, a Carioca icon and one of those on the music scene that was responsible for transforming funk into a national fever on the 90s. In that era, he worked alongside Claudinho to produce legendary hits that he will perform tonight such as Conquista (Conquest), Só Love (Only Love), Quero te encontrar (I Want to Meet You), among other new songs.

DJ Marlboro will also be there tonight. He is know for his ability to create a fusion of hip hop, electro and Brazilian popular music to form a style of Carioca funk. Marlboro started his career in the 1980s and nowadays has already taken his beats to the U.S. and several countries across Europe.

In addition to these two icons, producers Leandro de Paula and Marcus Vinicus Gomes who have been at the forefront of Baile do Bené the last five years, will bring DJ Michell, directly from Baile Charme do Viaduto de Madureira as well as DJ Raton who will be bringing even more incredible funk to the dance floor.

What: Five years of Baile do Bené
Where: Fundição Progresso, Rua dos Arcos, 24, Lapa – Tel: (21)3212-0800
When: 10PM
Entrance: R$30 – R$140


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