By Beatriz Miranda – Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – This Friday, June 23rd, the imperial city of Petrópolis, situated in Rio’s mountain range, celebrates the official opening of Bauernfest, the 28th edition of one of the biggest German festivals in Brazil. Until July 2nd, the party promotes the German culture through folkloric dance, traditional food and many other attractions.

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On its 28th edition, Bauernfest includes the usual folkloric dance presentations and a home made beer market for the first time, photo internet recreation.

From Palácio de Cristal (The Crystal Palace) to Catedral São Pedro de Alcântara (San Peter of Alcantara Cathedral), all of Petrópolis landmarks are prepared to host the big event.

Hundreds of people from all over the State of Rio de Janeiro go up the mountain to enjoy the party from 9AM to 10PM. On Friday, June 23rd, nine different attractions will be opening the event.

Performing at Palácio de Cristal will be the Germanic Band, at 8PM; Bauernband, will present at Koeler stage at 8PM; and Bauerngruppe Danças Folclóricas Alemãs de Petrópolis (Bauerngruppe Folkloric German Dances of Petrópolis) will perform at Koblenz stage at 9:30 PM. Also, Bauernfest is symbolically opened with the cupping of a craft beer barrel, a tradition present in every edition.

Other tradition in the festival is the election of the Bauernfest Highness, always represented by a woman. The mission of the queen is to represent the city during the ten days of the event. Besides beauty, sympathy and elegance, one of the main criteria for electing the Bauernfest highness is the knowledge on the German culture.

“This is the moment when daughters, grand daughters and great grand daughters want to honor their origins. More than representing Bauernfest, they represent our city in every place they go”, highlighted Petrópolis mayor Bernardo Rossi.

Participating in the event will be Deguste, a small home made beer producers market that happens every month in Petrópolis. Among the participant labels are Buda Beer, Cazerra, Da Corte, Duzé, Brew Point, Imperatriz Bier, Madame Machado and Real.

Visitors will also find a wide variety of food options in stalls, food trucks and food bikes spread in the festival’s venues. Present in the event will be brands like Colosus, Kronemburger, Espeteria do Barão, Viellen, Dry Hop, Viva Verd, Everest Food, Gomes Gourmet, Japa Food, Goumetizando Hamburger and Gelato Imperial.

Apart from folk German music presentations, Bauernfest includes shows of MPB, rock and pop music with bands like Tributo Scorpions, Rock Dakombi, Rock Revival, Kraftwerk, On The Rocks and Gargamel Trio.

“We have been working for this Bauernfest to be one of the best of all times. Our goal is to boost the city’s economy with this event. The whole city is starting to get in the party mood”, affirmed Marcelo Valente, who runs TurisPetro, the tourism bureau of Petrópolis.

Bauernfest Petrópolis 2017
When: Friday, June 23rd – Sunday, July 2nd
Where: Petrópolis (click here to check venue details)
Entrance: see venue for price details.


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