By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – To celebrate the 2014 World Cup and Rio de Janeiro, one of the twelve cities across Brazil that will host the tournament, the Rio-based jewelry company, Glória Erthal Jóias da Natureza (Jewels of Nature), is offering a special nine-piece commemorative collection of biojóias (bio-jewelry).

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The special Glória Erthal Joias da Natureza World Cup collection features nine unique pieces, photo courtesy of Glória Erthal Joias da Natureza.

The new pieces are referred to as biojóias or bio-jewelry, because they, like the many other works in the brand’s unique line, are made from delicate leaves and seeds harvested from the Brazilian soil that have been dehydrated then combined, by hand, with precious metals, including gold, platinum and copper.

“We have created this collection to go along with the World Cup and also to pay homage to Rio and its sights,” Glória Erthal, co-creator of Glória Erthal Jóias da Natureza explained. “We wanted to somehow participate in this event which is very important for our country.”

The new World Cup collection celebrates Brazil with a golden pendant depicting a map of the country and a Brazilian flag bracelet. In honor of the games, there are also a soccer ball pendant and a bracelet for luck.

Famous Rio landmarks represented in the collection include; a Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) pendant; a Pão de Açucar (Sugar Loaf) pendant, and earrings and a pendant featuring the Calçade de Copacabana (the famous patterned sidewalks of Copacabana designed by Roberto Burle Marx).

Glória Erthal Joias da Natureza Pingente Mapa Brasil, Brazil, Brazil News, Rio de Janeiro, World Cup Collection, Jewelry, Fashion in Rio, Fashion Accessories in Rio
The golden map of Brazil pendant, photo courtesy of Glória Erthal Joias da Natureza.

The Glória Erthal Joias da Natureza jewelry line was created over a year and a half ago by entrepreneurs and designers Glória Erthal and Ana Lucia Chebabe. With a focus on nature and women’s fashion accessories, the two developed the jewelry line in the hopes of making a difference in the market through the sustainable production of timeless and original pieces.

The raw materials, seeds and leaves, are harvested mostly in the Midwest regions of the country. Once dehydrated, the materials are coated, by hand, in precious metals to draw out their natural intricate textures. It is a delicate and slow process.

After the release of the World Cup collection, when asked what Brazil hosting the games, meant to her and her company, Erthal answered; “It’s a great chance to show our country and our jewelry to the world. Brazil is beautiful and the Brazilian people are very happy and love soccer (football).”

Prices of the collection range from R$62 to R$118 and purchases can be made online at the Glória Erthal Jóias da Natureza website.

* This is a paid Advertorial for Glória Erthal Joias da Natureza.


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