By Saira Ansari, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The EBA, or Escola de Belas Artes Da UFRJ (School of Fine Arts) is showcasing the work of thirty young artists at its third biennial, on display at the Casa de Cultura Professor Almir Paredes. The show, which has a series of additional programs and workshops attached to it, opened on November 8th and will be on display until December 18th.

Jardim I by Júlia Furtado Martino, photo by Saira Ansari.

The EBA has produced many renowned Brazilian painters, sculptors, architects, designers, writers and more, who have gone on to show their work in important institutions in the United States and across the world. Hence, these young artists arouse interest in the art world as possible additions to Brazil’s top artists.

The exhibit is set on the first and second floor of the cultural center and has on display multiple genres including video, installation and performance art.

As one walks up to the first floor he or she is immediately faced with Chica Netto’s five large and solemn sculptures of metal and dried leaves installed on the wall and on the floor.

Ahead of it is a curious video work by the artist Camila Luísa Carrello titled ‘Cut Peace’ which shows a picture of John Lennon and Yoko Ono being repeatedly snipped off by a scissor. It is a witty take on Yoko Ono’s own highly controversial and well known performance titled ‘Cut Piece’ back in 1964.

Also on the same floor is the work of installation artist William Anselmo, an important part of the Gallery Usina, who displays his signature glass bottles with everyday objects caught inside them. Several drawings, digital photographs, and an installation piece by other artists are also exhibited.

In an attached room is perhaps the most dramatic of displays – a large installation of a white bell, which was built by attaching several circular rings of varying sizes. The bell takes up space from the roof to the floor, and specialized lighting creates the effect of the bell tolling. The work has been created by Jessica Kloosterman and is titled ‘Sim/Não’ (Yes/No).

Sim/Não by Jessica Kloosterman, photo by Saira Ansari.

The second floor contains work that includes very interesting installations in wood, wool and other material, as well as wall art.

A strikingly silent and ethereal work is the assemblage titled ‘Jardim 1’ by Júlia Furtado Martino, which is a composition of small cast birds on top of an over-sized glass jar that has a pillow stuffed in it. This assemblage stands on a cement pillar almost in the fashion of traditional busts.

There are several young persons who are willing to walk one through the exhibition and discuss the work and its display. Erika Nascimento, who was part of the assistance group, said, “The vernissage was a great success and so many people came to attend the show that there was barely any space to stand. A lot of the crowd included important people from the field of arts.”

More details can be found at the Facebook Event or at the Escola de Belas Artes Da UFRJ. The location is Casa de Cultura Professor Almir Paredes, Rua Benjamin Constant, 48 – Glória, Rio de Janeiro. Open until December 18th; Tuesday to Sunday 2PM-8PM.


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