By Michael DeLeo, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – This Friday, October 7th, the Gringo Café in Ipanema will host its increasingly popular Gringo Group Therapy night, co-sponsored this month by The American Society of Rio de Janeiro (AmSoc Rio) Happy Hour. The event’s theme will focus primarily on visas and setting up small businesses in Brazil, with three guest speakers: lawyer, long-time Rio resident and AmSoc Rio Board Member Michael Royster, Rio real estate expert Hakan Olsson, and his colleague Jonathan Kendall of Rio Relocations/TSS Brazil Consulting.

The Gringo Café host its monthly Gringo Group Therapy with AmSoc Rio Happy Hour, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, News
The Gringo Café will host this month's Gringo Group Therapy with AmSoc Rio Happy Hour, photo by Gringo Café.

The casual get-together is being put on with AmSoc Rio, and Society president David Huffard explains: “AmSoc’s Happy Hours are a great way to connect with other expats, make new friends and network. The group that gathers is always friendly, helpful and eager to generate ideas for future endeavors.”

AmSoc Rio has been in Rio de Janeiro since 1917 and continues to be a strong part of the community. The Society, which is member and sponsor-funded, provides community services and charity works as well as support for new arrivals.

The topic was selected to help answer common questions about the visa-types available here, as well as to help aspiring entrepreneurs consider different business options. It is not just for new arrivals, as continuous changes in visa and tax laws often open new opportunities and close others.

The monthly ‘therapy,’ which was created to bring native Brazilians and expatriates alike together to exchange tips and stories of living in Rio de Janeiro, will begin at 7PM and offer numerous drink specials and Gringo Café’s locally famous American fare.

Gringo Café owner Sam Flowers, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, News
Gringo Café owner Sam Flowers caters to customers at a past event, photo by Gringo Café.

In addition to Michael Royster, noted legal adviser and Curmudgeon Opinion columnist, Hakan Olsson of Rio Apartments will be available to kick off the conversation with some general information and options.

Mr. Olsson explains: “I will be introducing the pertinent topics and different ways people set up businesses here in Brazil.”

Both are vastly experienced in the field of entrepreneurship within Rio and will provide invaluable advice to anyone looking to begin a small business.

The happy hour is not solely about visas or other other business-related advice, however. Sam Flowers, the founder and owner of Gringo Café, describes the event as a laid-back atmosphere “Where people gather together to get inspired, share ideas, tips and advice about pursuing our dreams and aspirations in the Cidade Maravilhosa.”

These Gringo Group Therapies have been a staple amongst the expat community for over seven months, and continue to grow with each session. Anyone interested in starting their own business in Rio, learning more about difficult visa issues, or just simply meeting new friends should stop by for a Happy Hour cocktail and introduce themselves to a  valuable network of people.

Find out more at:
Gringo Group Therapy on Facebook
Gringo Group Therapy Happy Hour on AmSoc Rio’s web site

Gringo Café
Friday, October 7th, 7-9PM
Rua Barao Da Torre 240
Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro
Tel: 21-3813-3972


  1. Hello from Belo Horizonte!
    I think the date on the bottom of the page is incorrect. I think it should read Oct 7th not Sept. 2nd.
    Do you guys have the happy hour the first Friday of every month?

    Even in Belo the Rio Times has improved the quality of my life.


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