By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Known for their electro-pop synthesizer driven rhythms, British group Hot Chip will return to Rio de Janeiro to perform live at Saúde’s Sacadura 154 on Friday, November 27th. Since their formation in 2000, the quintet has released six studio albums.

Hot Chip self-produced their fifth album In Our Heads and released it through Domino records in 2012. Most recent release, Why Make Sense?, arguably their most sensible and mature, to date, was release in May, 2015.
British electronic group Hot Chip will return to perform live in Rio de Janeiro on November 27th, press image.

The group was last in the city as part of the 2013 series of Lollapalooza side shows in Rio de Janeiro. They will return on Friday, November 27th as part of their ongoing tour in support of their sixth album, What Makes Sense, released in May earlier this year.

The upcoming show will take place due in part to the help of fans and Queremos, a Rio de Janeiro-based crowdfunding project that connects fans, bands, and venues.

Formed in London, England a little over fifteen years ago by childhood friends, Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard, Hot Chip currently consists of Taylor, Goddard, Owen Clarke, Al Doyle and Felix Martin. All five members play the synthesizer, guitar and are percussionists. Additionally Goddard and Doyle help to provide additional vocals. At times, Doyle, also a former guitarist and percussionist for the now defunct group LCD Soundsystem, plays the flugelhorn and bass.

Following the release of several self-published works, Hot Chip released their debut album, Coming on Strong, in 2004. It was followed by The Warning in 2006, an album that earned critical praise and increased the group’s fanbase. In 2008, the group released their third album Made in Dark and in 2009 followed with the release of the album One Life Stand.

Hot Chip then released their fifth album In Our Heads in 2012 and their most recent release, Why Make Sense?, arguably their most sensible and mature, yet still synth-driven and danceable album, to date, was release in May, 2015.

Known also for their DJing skills and remixes of others’ works, Hot Chip often reworks their material during live performances, creating a lively and energetic experience.

Goddard will show his DJing skills following the show with DJs Rodriog Peirão, Tabalipa, Godi, and LS2 also spinning as part of the Disconnection After-Party. Additionally, DJ Nepal will spin before the show.

What: Hot Chip
When: Friday, November 27th, 10PM
Where: Sacadura 154, Rua Sacadura Cabral, 154 – Saúde
Entrance: R$120 – R$240


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