By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The International Club of Rio (InC) will hold the Joa Live Music Garden Party on Saturday, May 21st. Featuring live music and held in an effort to raise funds for the orphanage, Abrigo Evangélico da Pedra de Guaratiba, the party will take place in InC’s Charity Director, Miranda Mulder’s own garden.

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The International Club of Rio (InC) will hold the Joa Live Music Garden Party on Saturday, May 21st, photo courtesy of The International Club of Rio.

Mulder, a Dutch entrepreneur and new addition to InC’s board of directors, decided the garden party would be her first fundraiser to organize for InC after she became involved and spent time volunteering at the Abrigo Evangélico da Pedra de Guaratiba orphanage. There she witnessed first-hand the benefits the charity brought to the children and many of the needs that still went unfulfilled.

“I’m talking about the immense amount of daily needs, of course, like food, medication and care products but also the need to be cuddled, to be played with, to be entertained, to socially interact, which, from my point of view are just as important,” said Mulder in a press release.

She continues, “There is a shortage of all that because the small staff is too busy with the basics, and there is no money to cover the expenses for hiring professionals like kindergarten teachers.”

The InC was founded in 1965 with the goal of helping members from around the world who were new to Rio de Janeiro to connect with each other and with the city. The club is well-known for its support of local charitable organizations through funding, donations, and volunteers.

The club is also known for hosting activities including lectures, workshops, and social events.

Combining both the fun of a gathering with the purpose of a fundraiser for charity, the Joa Live Music Garden Party promises to a great night. Entertainment during the event will be provided by Dutch vocalist Martie Roethof and pianist Gijs Andriessen, who will play the best of jazz and bossa nova and the band Nomads of Noise, who will perform the best of blues, jazz, and rock.

For more information about the Joa Live Garden Party and the club, see the InC website or Meetup page.

What: Joa Live Music Garden Party
When: Saturday, May 21st, 6PM – 1AM
Where: For more information about location contact
Entrance R$175 when reserved, R$200 at the door. For reservations contact


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