By Leo Byrne, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Cidade Maravilhosa’s often overshadowed jazz scene is gearing up for another must-see event this Saturday, April 6th, as Brazilian jazz heavyweights Quinteto Nuclear play alongside DJ Gustavo MM. The party, named “Jazz Ahead” will be held at the tropically themed Clube dos Macacos (Monkey Club) in Jardim Botânico.

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The Quinteto Nuclear has been playing the Brazilian jazz scene for ten years, photo courtesy of Thiago Esposito.

One of the Rio jazz scene’s most active and well-known groups, the Quinteto Nuclear’s modern sound has been garnering the attention of those with discerning music tastes for over a decade.

“Nowadays I see a more consolidated jazz scene than five or six years ago. One good thing is that we have so many amazing young musicians as we had in the eighties,” Thiago Esposito who is in charge of programming at the Rio Scenarium told The Rio Times.

Veterans of numerous jazz clubs around Rio and São Paulo, Quinteto Nuclear’s sound hopes to lure people away from the cookie-cutter electro pop and manufactured digital sound that pervades many modern night spots.

“In our shows, the audience feels unique, having access to an art that is both contemporary and reveres the great icons of international jazz,” the band’s saxophonist Marcelo Santos said.

Jazz aficionados can expect the sort of technical proficiency that comes with only years of practice as the group improvise around themes laid out by Hubbard, Monk and Coltrane. However, the group’s youthful energy also means that party-goers can expect a lively beat that is easy to get the blood up.

“I think because they grew musically [in the] U.S. with three of them studying at Berkley, it’s very clear how that has influenced their solos, swing and repertoire choice. It´s totally different from what we are used to listening to here,” Esposito added.

jazz clube dos macacos, dj gustavo mm, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
The event also features DJ Gustavo MM and takes place this Saturday, April 6th, image courtesy of Thiago Esposito.

Bookending the group’s performance, Brazilian party mainstay DJ Gustavo MM will be playing two sets that complement the Quinteto Nuclear’s vibrant performance.

A truly experienced DJ and producer able to spin out sets across a wide selection of genres, Gustavo MM will be keeping the party going with a funk filled jazz and nu jazz sound.

The set promises to be one of the highlights of the night, being a kind of jazz produced specifically for turntables, mixing elements of traditional jazz, electronic textures and improvisation including broken rhythms and atonal harmonies.

“On the dance floor we got one of the best DJ’s from Brazil, Gustavo MM, he has an incredible taste,” Esposito added.

The party all goes down in the exotic Clube dos Macacos, named after the Rio do Macacos (Monkey River) which passes near it. The club’s location on Rua Pacheco Leão also places it right next to the Jardim Botânico (botanic gardens), making the whole venue feel as if it is closer to the Amazon, rather than in the middle of a bustling city.

“It will be an event for those that really like jazz and everything that the jazz universe involves. We are investing in some very good sound equipment. The bar will serve special beers, wine, scotch and Arabian finger food,” Esposito told The Rio Times.

What: Jazz Ahead with Quinteto Nuclear + DJ Gustavo MM
Where: Clube dos Macacos, Rua Pacheco Leão, 2038 – Jardim Botânico
When: Saturday, April 6th, 10PM
Entrance: R$20 lista amiga before 11PM (, R$35 after 11PM
Contacts: Thiago Espósito: (21) 8211-9959, Dan Sebastian: (21) 8341-3377, Marcelo Santos: (21) 9321-4474


  1. Espero de poter participar desta noite com vocês todos.
    obrigada. Dinah de Sasntana


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