By Sarah Brown, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On Saturday, December 10th, the Festa Jazz Ahead will hold its last official edition of the year in honor of one of the greatest jazz divas of all time, Etta James. To give this tribute, the evening will feature the special participation of singer Taryn and band, DJ Nepal and residents DJ Gustavo MM and VJ Animafoto.

jazz night, Jardim Botanico, Rio de Janeiro
Taryn, the jazz performer of the evening, photo by Rodrigo Castro.

Etta James is a musical icon whose sonority walks between jazz, blues, soul, rock, gospel and R&B. With her unmistakable singing, she approached these styles with great versatility.

Between the 50s and 60s, she recorded several hits such as Sunday kind of love, All I could do was cry and At last, and became the main artist of the label Chess Records. Throughout her career, Etta won three Grammy Awards and entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.

In the Jazz Ahead event, Taryn will play Etta James’s greatest hits from her extensive and eclectic discography from the 1950s to the 2000s, accompanied by her power trio formed by Claudio Infante on drums, Michel Barcellos on the double bass, and Bernardo Bosisio, on guitar.

Legendary jazz singer, Etta James, photo by Etta James.
Legendary jazz singer Etta James is the inspiration for the Jazz Ahead event, press photo.

Taryn has delved deeply into the Jazz and Blues tradition for two decades, including soul music, classic rock and bossa nova. A singer and actress, she played the animated character Elsa from Frozen and starred in the show Tribute to Billie Holiday.

The event will also host DJ Nepal, who has been working in the Brazilian music scene since 1996. He will exhibit his musical selections that go through an exciting mixture of references and rhythms such as nu disco, acid, electro, funky, soul, disco music, grooves and funk DJ Nepal has an active schedule with tours of major Brazilian clubs such as Lions, Hot-Hot, Vegas, D.EDGE, all in Sao Paulo and Privilège in Búzios, among others.

Thiago Espósito, the producer of the event Jazz Ahead express his feelings about the night. “The last party of each year is always special because we do not do the Jazz Ahead during the summer. So it’s an edition that brings together the true fans of the party who know they’re going to miss it. The result is an incredible atmosphere of partying and ‘party hard’.”

Resident DJ Gustavo MM, who piloted the Carioca Arena picks in Rio2016, will bring the perfect mix of jazz and nu jazz in all its many forms including Afro Beat, Soul and Funk. Nu jazz promises to be one of the highlights for being a kind of jazz that mixes elements of traditional jazz with textures of electronic music and improvisations, including broken rhythms and jazz harmonies.

VJ Animafoto will be showcasing a Live Painting during the party, as well as his work with video sequences, creating short films and experimental loops with mixed live projections.

What: Jazz Ahead Party
When: Saturday, November 10th. 10PM
Where: Clube dos Macacos – Rua Pacheco Leão, 2.038 – Jardim Botânico – Tel: (21) 98211 9959
Entrance: R$60 (cash only)


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