By Nicole Froio, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – After more than three years of not performing in Brazil, KISS will bring their Monster Tour to Rio to rock an army of fans. The concert will take place in HSBC Arena in Barra da Tijuca, Sunday, November 18th with ticket prices starting at R$220 (R$110 student half-price).

After three years KISS returns to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
After three years KISS returns to Brazil, photo by Man Alive/Flickr Creative Commons License.

KISS is an iconic rock and heavy metal band for many, and its fan club KISS ARMY is one of the biggest in the world. The Brazilian branch has organized excursions to take fans to concerts all over the country.

As well as performing in Rio the November 18th, KISS also is in Porto Alegre on November 14th, and São Paulo on November 17th, with fans across Brazil ready to rock all night.

“My expectation is of watching a great spectacle, because other bands perform but KISS gives us a spectacle,” says Roberto Correa, responsible for the KISS ARMY BRASIL Facebook fan page.

“When people watch other bands, all they hear is music. But KISS fans take more from the show since there are visual effects and fire tricks involved, and of course a lot of music,” Correa explains.

KISS was formed in 1972 when Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley started the band Wicked Lester. In the same year, Peter Criss and Ace Freshley joined the band and the name of the group was changed to KISS.

That wasn’t the only change that was made however; the iconic look of black and white make up, big hair, big boots and and tight-leather clothing also became the signature brand for the members of the group.

When their first record came out, named after the band, in 1974 it was an instant success, selling 75,000 copies. In the coming years, KISS started becoming famous for something other than their music: their elaborate stage performances filled with special effects and memorable antics.

KISS performing in São Paulo during the 2009 tour, Brazil News
KISS performing in São Paulo during the 2009 tour, photo by Eduardo Pelosi/Flickr Creative Commons License.

Besides the famous make up worn by the members of the band, Gene Simmons spit fire, Ace Freshley set himself on fire, Peter Criss’s drums floated in mid-air and Paul Stanley destroyed his guitar on-stage.

Years after, and many changes band members and styles later, the group is still alive, well and with a huge following. Yet despite the proven longevity of the group, many fans see this as a last opportunity to see KISS live while they’re still making music together.

“I’m going to this gig because it might be the last time I see them live. I have to take advantage of seeing them when they’re still living legends,” says Gustavo Faldon, a fan of the band who will be attending the concert.

Correa, whose favorite KISS album is Dynasty, has contact with KISS fans from Argentina, where the band has already performed. From what he reports, the band hasn’t disappointed its loyal fans.

“Our contacts in Argentina have told us that the gig has characteristics that were only seen in concerts in the [United States]. For example, KISS starts the concert on a platform that comes down from the roof of the stage, and in the end Gene and Tommy are elevated by platforms coming out of the stage performing Rock and Roll All Night, while Paul smashes his guitar.”

“KISS fans don’t just enjoy the band. KISS fans are in love with the band. Actually, KISS fans are infected with a sickness called KISS,” he concluded.

Tickets are still available and can be purchased online.


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