By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Rio Times 6-Year Anniversary Party will be held on Thursday, March 26th, from 7PM to midnight in Ipanema, and already 75 percent of the capacity tickets have been sold. This is no doubt in part because, in addition to an amazing penthouse location, great music and light appetizers, there will be a complementary Leblon Cachaça bar from 7PM-9PM, the first two hours of the event.

Leblon Cachaça bar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
The party offers a complementary Leblon Cachaça bar from 7PM-9PM, the first two hours of the event, photo internet reproduction.

Caipirinhas are the drink Brazil is most well known for, and the sugarcane-based rum called cachaça is practically a national icon. Of course not all cachaça is equal, and industrial cachaças are chemically fermented and distilled in stainless steel pots, resulting in a harsher drink with a back of the throat bite.

However the quality of artisan cachaças like Leblon Cachaça, is in the production, when it is distilled using a maize fermentation process and distilled in copper pot stills. The difference in taste is impossible to miss, and for The Rio Times 6-Year Anniversary Party, Daniel Koji Ujikawa of Leblon Cachaça announces, “We will be serving Fresh Fruit Caipirinhas!”

Explaining for the rookies, “Caipirinhas are Brazil’s National Cocktail, and is pronounced ‘kai-pur-EEN-ya’. For the classic version, simply muddle fresh lime with sugar, add ice and two ounces of cachaça, shake or stir, and serve. This classic version is made like a mojito, tastes like margarita, and can only come from Brazil, the caipirinha has become a favorite cocktail worldwide.”

Adding, “Other delicious versions can be made out of fresh fruits, which are a privilege of Brazil to have, as well as Leblon Cachaça. The ultimate celebration of the Brazilian spirit, the caipirinha is taken to a whole new level with Leblon, with its lively fruity nose and smooth finish, a real demonstration of what we call ‘The Art of Cachaça’.”

Editor and Publisher of The Rio Times, Stone Korshak, explained, “As an English-language news source in Brazil, we want to be a window and connection-point for Brazilian culture and so it is a natural fit to partner with a brand like this.” Adding, “Most people who have visited Brazil have tried the caipirinhas, but most people will also be quick to point out that like other spirits, not all cachaça is equal.”

To this point Daniel Koji Ujikawa says “One of our biggest tag-lines for the brand is ‘Experimente a diferença’ (“Taste the difference”). Cachaça is incredibly well known in the world, especially if we consider how it was almost nine years ago. Leblon Cachaça has always worked on getting the National spirit to get the acknowledgment it deserves, a sophisticated ‘alambique’ spirit, and the best and most effective way to do it is by letting people taste its delicate and complex features.”

The Rio Times event on Thursday will take place at a private penthouse residence in Ipanema with 360 degree views, which is provided by co-hosts Rio Exclusive. Music will be by Mary Byker, and light appetizers will be offered courtesy of partner Rashmy’s Kitchen authentic Indian food.

Space will be limited so those interested should put their name on the official list by pre-paying for the entrance, and updates of new promotions and partners will be posted on the Facebook Event page.


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