By Nicole Froio, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Jazz music lovers in Rio will be delighted by the sixth edition of Leblon’s Jazz Festival starting this week (November 8th-10th and 24th) that will bring performers such as Ed Motta, Quinteto Nuclear, Samba Jazz Trio and many more to the city. The main line-up of free shows will be on Rua Dias Ferreira in Leblon Saturday, November 10th, from 1PM until 10PM.

Performance by Hermeto Pascoal e Banda at Leblon Jazz Festival 2011, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Performance by Hermeto Pascoal e Banda at Leblon Jazz Festival 2011, image recreation.

Throughout the festival, the public will be able to see some of the biggest Brazilian names in jazz, blues, lounge and MPB. Basking in previous success, the event is now expanding to Niterói (November 24th) and hopes to bring 80,000 people together in 24 hours of music.

Gilson Peranzetta, pianist and composer, is opening the festival at the Hotel Marina Palace on November 8th. Peranzetta has played in Barcelona, Germany and all around Brazil, but this is his first time performing at the event in Leblon. He tells The Rio Times that previous success of the event is due to how flexible jazz can be.

“It’s a kind of music that is free, from any country. I think that’s why it’s so successful, it’s about musical freedom and improvisation. It was a distant thing that came to Brazil and that is now called jazz, but truth is, it’s universal.”

He is also glad the festival is taking place in Rio, since the city has been losing its musical flare as of lately. “I really just wanted to say thank you to the directors who brought the festival to Rio de Janeiro that needs more music because the places for performing are closing down.”

Ed motta
Ed Motta is one of the main attractions of Leblon Jazz Festival, photo provided by the Leblon Jazz Festival.

Other performers include Monte Alegre Hot Street Jazz Band, Otis Trio, Dino Rangel & Marcel Powell, Dibigode, Bondesom, Iconili and Ed Motta Dwitza Project.

As for those who will watch Peranzetta perform on the first day of the festival, he says his audience can expect an emotional performance.

“I always think I have to do the best I possibly can when I’m playing music. Music is my religion and my audience can expect the best performance I can do. I want to touch people’s hearts, and that’s what I’ve been trying to do my whole life. If they’re coming to see me that’s an honor for me, and I will be trying to give them that feeling of honor back.”

Organizer of the event Robson Nacif tells The Rio Times that this year they looked to put together the best in Brazilian music.

“This year the festival will have the best in Brazilian instrumental music. Ed Motta will perform, for the first time, his project Dwitza, and instrumental performance that includes influences that go from jazz to Brazilian music, from Hollywood soundtracks to rock, from classical music to American standards. And he is performing with the best musicians.”

Nacif is also looking forward to watching the band Afrojazz, that mixes African rhythms with jazz.“It’s a wonderful mix,” he said. “And it’s not very well publicized in Rio.”

The festival starts Thursday, November 8th at 8PM at the Palco Vizta Bar in Hotel Marina Palace where Gilson Piranzetta performs (R$50), then on Friday November 9th at 10PM Dino Rangel & Marcel Powell perform at Palco Esch Café (R$50) in Leblon.

Information on how to get tickets to what some consider the “most charming festival in Brazil” can be found online at, as well as the full line-up for the free shows on November 10th in Leblon and November 24th in Niterói.


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    No doubt, but who are they? (True jazz fans need to know these things!)


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