By Fiona Hurrell, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Saint Patrick’s Day, on Saturday, March 17th, is an Irish tradition honored and celebrated in most corners of the world including Rio de Janeiro. This year however, alongside the many parties due to take place in the city’s Irish pubs and bars, Ministry of Sound, Britain’s best known club and dance music brand, is bringing St. Patrick’s day to Rio for what promises to be a night to remember.

Irish DJ and headliner Shane Kehoe, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Irish DJ and headliner Shane Kehoe, photo courtesy of Dubliner Promotions.

The event has been organized by Liam Lawler, music producer and owner of Dubliner Promotions, who is also a recent addition to Rio’s Irish expatriate population. His reasoning behind it is simple; “I really thought Rio de Janeiro deserved a kick ass St. Patrick’s Day party – to put our ‘Carnival’ on the Brazilian party schedule.”

Set to take place from 10PM in the rather unusual location of Estação Leopoldina, an old rail station in São Cristóvão, near the center of Rio, the DJs will mix the decks on separate stages. The old station will form the main area and a train platform will act as the second arena while cultural exhibits are scheduled to take place within the confines of converted coaches.

Certainly an interesting choice, but as Lawler explains, this is exactly why it serves as the perfect dance venue. “I went to the train station just to humor someone but I instantly got the wow factor from it – the train station has history, space and a unique ambiance that would give the event the ‘je ne sais quoi’ as they say in France.”

In order to successfully merge one of Ireland’s most treasured, traditional holidays with Rio de Janeiro’s own unique artists and electronic styles, Lawler has combined the best of both.

The line-up promises one of Ministry of Sound’s major touring and resident DJs, Irishman Shane Kehoe, who has worked with big names such as Moby, Deep Dish and Erick Morrillo, alongside three of Brazil’s most successful DJs Johnny Glovez, Brazilian Wax and Carol Legally, fresh from their recent gigs at the Rio Music Conference.

Ministry of Sound presents St Patrick's day on March 17th at Estação Leopoldina, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Ministry of Sound presents St. Patrick's day on March 17th, Ministry of Sound Flyer.

Lawler states “I hope Dubliner Promotions can continue to marry the best Europe has to offer with the cream of the crop from Brazil.”

There is also even more to the entertainment line-up than the world class DJs. Lawler describes, “we have circus acts, visual art exhibits, an awesome sound system and a visual decoration and lighting display the likes of which Rio won’t have seen before.”

Keen not to let the Irish heritage celebration be overshadowed, Lawler and his team have even imported Irish themed decorations, and are planning to serve green jello shots to customers for a few reais each. With Heineken as the event’s main sponsor, there is sure to be a lot of green on show.

Lawler admits, “It’s not just an electronic music event; it’s a celebration of Irish and Brazilian culture all at once in addition to being a beautiful marriage and feast of the auditory and visual senses.”

Without doubt the event promises to be a hugely spectacular entertainment triumph, but there is also a social agenda, given that all tickets sold will see a percentage of their cost donated to Círculo Cultural Abraco de Paz – an NGO working in disadvantaged favela communities.

For those who may crave something a bit different than the usual pub party, or indeed a massively more hardcore event, Ministry of Sound’s St. Patrick’s day event is sure to satisfy.

Tickets are on sale for R$50-R$70 for women and R$70–R$90 for men. Alternatively, VIP tickets cost R$90-R$110 for women and R$120-R$140 for males. Visit the website or contact or telephone (21) 3497-4884 for further details and how to purchase.


  1. “Tickets are on sale for R$50-R$70 for women and R$70–R$90 for men. Alternatively, VIP tickets cost R$90-R$110 for women and R$120-R$140 for males” Discrimination! Could you imagine if the prices were the other way around??

  2. Cameron, in Brazil, this is very common and men are used to pay a little more. At least, they know the place will be packed with beatiful ladies. =)

  3. Finally something happening in Cidade Maravilhosa also for those who love Rio and beach but are not so much into samba. Not always you have to got o SP, to enjoy the night.


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