By Nathan M. Walters, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Gamboa is lately becoming referred to as the “New Lapa” in some circles, and considered a new underground hotspot in Rio.  Recent parties and events have drawn more crowds to the area for underground parties with an edge.

Great DJs, underground scene in Gamboa, Rio Saturday night at Mixin’, art by Marcio Bunys

Tonight, the streets of Gamboa will host the one-year anniversary of the Mixin’ event, offering up some of the best Brazilian DJs for what is sure to be a memorable late night street party.

The popular local favorite Marcelinho da Lua will be joined by other rising Brazilian DJs (Zegon, Tamenpi, and KL Jay) for a night focused on total creative freedom.

Mixin’, which in the last year has been staged five times at different venues throughout the city, was created by the producers Aline Andrade and Felipe Bello under the slogan “No wack DJs!”

There have been a growing number of parties in Rio that seek to make a distinction between one view of modern DJing (what the producers call “plug and play” DJing) and the technical knowledge and talent demanded of live mixes.

“My goal is not to diminish anyone, on the contrary, is to increase the appreciation of those who actually do the sets as a live musical performance.  Professionals who have seen nights doing research, studying the technique. It’s amazing to stop and watch them playing “says Aline Andrade.

Tonight’s performance brings out some of the Brazil’s best DJs.  DJ Zegon, has performed with artists such as Kanye West, MIA and Cee Lo Green, at festivals, such Coachella, Rock in Rio.  

Marcelinho da Lua is responsible for producing and performing at some of the Rio’s most successful underground parties, as well as touring internationally.  Dj KL Jay is an award-winning producer.  Tamenpi, a Carioca now based in São Paulo, creator of the popular blog “just stoned musical,” returns to Rio after a successful tour in California.

Certainly a lot of ways to enjoy this Saturday night in Rio.  But if you live for underground nightlife, Gamboa is the place to be tonight.  For more info visit the event page here.

What: Mixin’ with Marcelinho da Lua, Tamenpi, Zegon, KL Jay
When: September 15th, 11PM
Where: Rua Sacadura Cabral 145, Gamboa – Centro
Tickets: R$40 (in advance at select locations); on the list before 1AM, R$50,00; after 1AM, R$60; not on list, R$80


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