By Wladimir Weltman, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO – A few days ago Morena Baccarin, the Alien leader from the television series “V”, was seen in Rio de Janeiro, but nobody was concerned with a possible extraterrestrial invasion: “I was doing publicity for my show”, Morena explained. “I felt very welcomed by everybody in Brazil, including the press. It was very touching to see how proud people were to have a Brazilian in Hollywood.”

Morena Baccarin, photo by Warner Bros. Television Entertainment/Kharen Hill.

Many Cariocas were disappointed because Baccarin stayed only five days in Rio before returning to LA. But good news was waiting for her there: “V” was picked up for a second season and shooting begins in a few months.

While in Rio Baccarin said she is very pleased to be Anna the Alien leader in “V”: “It’s a really fun role to play. Even though she is so structured and precise there is a lot of room to play with the nuances of her personality. I like playing Anna because she has so many layers.”

Baccarin herself could be described that way: she was born in Rio and seven years later moved to New York, with her mother, the Brazilian actress Vera Setta, and her father, Fernando Baccarin, the Record Television Network News Coordinator in Rio de Janeiro.

It was only natural for Morena to step into show business, and growing up in New York gave the Carioca girl enough confidence to try her luck in Hollywood. Using her exotic Brazilian look as a plus: “Being born in Brazil made me who I am so I hope it helped”, she said.

Baccarin is quick to add, “I think this business is difficult for everyone and I don’t claim to have any answers about why people are successful or not, but we all encounter some difficulties and you just have to be strong enough and persistent enough to prevail. “

Scott Wolf and Morena Baccarin in interview, image recreation.

Baccarin’s first big break in Hollywood was at FOX’s “Firefly” (2002), a space/western television series, were she played one of the main characters; Inara Serra, a 26th century equivalent of a courtesan. “Firefly” became a phenomenon by generating a loyal base of fans.

When FOX canceled the series, they convinced Universal Studios to produce the feature film “Serenity”. But the film was not a commercial success.

Baccarin then worked in several TV pilots and shows like “The O.C.”, “Stargate SG-1”, “Heartland” and others. Now she is becoming a TV star playing the part of Alien Leader Anna in “V” the ABC sci-fi series which is becoming very popular in the US and in the rest of the world, including Brazil.

“I was very happy to see that “V” already has Brazilian fans. People were stopping me on the street and saying hi, telling they were watching the series. It was really exciting.” describes Baccarin.

Some suggested that Morena’s visit to Rio was related to a possible Brazilian movie project, but the actress dismiss the rumors: “I have no plans right now of working in Brazil”, she said, “but would love to. I would really love to shoot a Brazilian film.”


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