By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – To celebrate World Refugee Day, which falls this year on June 20th, Sabores do Porto (Flavors of the Port) and Artesanato do Porto (Crafts of the Port) will host a special multicultural edition of their fair in Praça Mauá in Centro on Saturday, June 18th.

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The Feira Multicultural com Refugiados (Multicultural Fair with Refuges) will take place in Praça Mauá in Centro on Saturday, June 18th from 10AM to 7PM, publicity image.

This edition of the fair will welcome male and female refugees from countries including Colombia, Syria, Venezuela, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who will share their cultures through cuisine, art, and crafts.

The event is the result of a partnership between the Museu do Amanhã with the Agência da ONU para Refugiados/ACNUR (UN Agency for Refugees) and Cáritas do Rio de Janeiro, which is an organization that works to promote the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

According to statics released from the National Committee for Refugees, CONARE, last year, Brazil had over eight thousand official refugees, including almost three thousand Syrian nationals.

In addition to meeting some of the refugees currently living in Rio de Janeiro and learning more about their cultures, Saturday’s fair is also a great opportunity to walk and explore the new developments, spaces, businesses, and buildings in the city’s renovated Zona Portuária (Port Zone), including the Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow).

Opened in December of last year, the Museu do Amanhã is a bold and futuristic building designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The museum is dedicated to science and technology and currently features exhibitions including “O Poeta Voador, Santos Dumont” (The Flying Poet, Santos Dumont) and the surveillance exhibition, Capte-me, Nenhum presença será ignorada (Shoot Me, No-one present will be ignored).

Additionally on Saturday, the museum will host free screenings of eight of the completed films from this year’s 72HORAS RIO Festival de Filmes (72 Hour Film Challenge).

What: Feira Multicultural com Refugiados (Multicultural Fair with Refugees)
When: Saturday, June 18th, 10AM – 7PM
Where: Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow), Praça Mauá, 1 – Centro
Entrance: FREE. Food, item, and craft prices will vary.


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