By Maíra Amorim, Contributing Reporter

Nando Reis, photo by Washington Possato.
Nando Reis, photo by Washington Possato.

RIO DE JANEIRO – Nando Reis will present his new album “Drês” on Friday, June 19th and Saturday, June 20th at Canecão in Botafogo. Nando is the king of pop-romantic songs and one of the most successful songwriters of the country, having collaborated with Brazil’s greatest musicians.

Drês” is his 8th album as a solo artist. The name is a mix between “Dri”, his ex-girlfriend Adriana’s nickname, and “Três” (Three), which is the number of songs devoted to her on the disc: “Driamente”, “Hi, Dri!” and “Drês”.

Nando joked in a recent interview with O Globo that “Drês” could also mean Drugs, Rock’n’ roll and (“e” in Portuguese) Sex. He also wrote a song for his daughter Sofia, who is a VJ on MTV Brazil, titled “Só pra Sô” (Just for Sô) and one for his mother called “Conta” (Tell). Another notable track on the album is a duet with Ana Cañas, titled “Pra Você” (For You).

Most of the lyrics talk about love, relationships and are autobiographical in nature. “Many of the songs from the album were made to translate into words feelings that were unresolved. I like to have the chance to deal with emotions through music and ‘solve’ the problem,” says Nando.

Nando recorded the CD and will be performing on stage with the band “Os Infernais” (which translates roughly to “The Infernal Ones”), formed by Carlos Pontual (guitar), Felipe Cambraia (bass), Alex Veley (keyboard) and Diogo Gameiro (drums).

Hits such as “Relicário” (Reliquary), “Por Onde Andei” (Where I’ve Been) and “All Star” will be present along with hits from his former band Titãs, such as “Do Seu Lado” (By Your Side) and “Os Cegos do Castelo” (The Blind of the Castle).

Nando left Titãs in 2002, after a very successful career as the bassist for the band – formed in the 80s and considered to be one of the four most important music groups in Brazil, along with Legião Urbana, Os Paralamas do Sucesso and Barão Vermelho. They created what is called BRock or Rock Brazil, a movement born in the 80s, a decade that saw the rise of a true rock revolution in Brazil.

Nando is sometimes accused by critics of writing cheesy and repetitive romantic music. But he remains very popular, and continues to touch people with his lyrics on love and relationships. His career as a solo artist has been successful and he has written songs for bands such as Skank, Marisa Monte, Jota Quest and others. Nando’s concerts are always crowded with audiences singing along to his tunes.

Nando Reis at Canecão
June 19th and 20th (Friday and Saturday) at 10PM
Av. Venceslau Braz, 215 – Botafogo, Tel.: 2543-4957
Tickets from R$70 (R$35 with student card)


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