By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The bi-monthly fair, O Cluster will celebrate its first anniversary today (Sunday, November 17th) as the official fifth edition of the free to the public event once again showcases the best of Rio’s emerging brands, artists, chefs and DJs in the welcoming and cozy atmosphere of Solar das Palmeira in Botafogo.

O Cluster 1 Ano - Foto Felipe, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
O Cluster celebrates its first anniversary on Sunday, November 17th, photo by Felipe Diniz courtesy O Cluster.

Created by Camila Felix and Carolina Herszenhut, O Cluster began in November of 2012 as a multidisciplinary gathering of creatives in Rio. The idea was to host the brands, designers and artists in a common space giving them a place to showcase their works to the general public.

“We’ve had many good times,” co-creator Carolina Herszenhut told The Rio Times when asked about the best moments of O Cluster’s first year. “But for me,” she added, “the best was always to find people who told me they loved the event, and knowing that today it is one of the best events that exists in Rio.”

“The brands have received great acceptance among the public and the quality has been increasing,” Camila Felix said of the event’s evolution, adding, “The event has grown significantly. Today we have a waiting list of more than 200 brands. A better [public reaction for this special edition] is impossible! All we seek for the day of the event is to praise it.”

The birthday celebration begins at 1PM with the opening of the market section of the fair. There shoppers can peruse stands and booths filled with the best up-and-coming fashion, jewelry and design brands.

Included in this edition of the festival are the fashions of Cabrón Brasil, Handred; the sustainable tennis shoes of VERT; the jewelry of artists Fernanda Spilborghs and Ivo Minoni and FLOW.Art Jewelry; the wooden sunglasses of Notiluca; the handmade bags of John Bags and twenty additional brands.

O Cluster's founders Carolina Herszenhut and Camila Félix, Rio de Jnaeiro, Brazil News
O Cluster’s founders Carolina Herszenhut and Camila Félix, photo by Eduardo Magalhães/I Hate Flash, courtesy O Cluster.

All vendors will be set-up throughout and within the outdoor space of the Solar das Palmeira, a former home and current event-hosting venue space located in the neighborhood of Botafogo. The homey feeling adds to the friendly and casual feeling of the fair.

In the outdoor space DJs Rodrigo Doni, Ícaro dos Santos, Marcello MBGroove and Andrei Yurievitch will spin from 1PM until 10PM with a break from 5PM to 6PM when the female-fronted band Uisqueletos Extravaganza will present their jazz and New Orleans Dixieland inspired sounds.

Also in the outdoor space, artists Jorge Cupim, Fernanda Ladeira, Kajaman and Thiago Tarm will paint live during the event.

The fair’s culinary section will return also with Veggie Up, Me Gusta, Café Sobre Rodas (Café On Wheels), Chefs Patisserie, Isabella Saldanha, and Crusto all offering meals for under R$20.

In addition to the many creative designs and tasty treats offered along with the various live entertainment, the event will be a true birthday celebration complete with performances by clowns and jugglers, cake and surprises throughout the day.

When asked what she learned during the past year of the event Carolina Herszenhut said; “That Rio de Janeiro needs initiatives like this because there are so many people creating without places to display and/or to sell their products. I also learned that there is an audience eager to consume these new things.”

“It all encourages us to continue and to grow.” Herszenhut concluded, “because we want this open space and to promote the new names of the creative economy of Rio de Janeiro.”

: O Cluster Celebrates its One Year Anniversary
When: Sunday, November 17th, 1PM-10PM
Where: Solar das Palmeiras
35 Rua das Palmeiras, Botafogo
Entrance: FREE

For more information and a complete list of this edition’s participants see O Cluster’s website here.

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  1. I don’t understand . . . I monitored this site all day yesterday (Sunday, Nov. 17) and did not see this story. Now it’s too late, when I gladly would have attended the event. Even if I missed the story somehow, why would you wait to post it on the day of the event?


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