By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Last Monday, February 5th, cultural center Oi Futuro, in Flamengo, opened the first edition of Rio’s “Bienal de Arte Digital”, dedicated to the artistic expressions that dialogue with technology. Until March 18th, the Biennial will promote free exhibitions, debates and scenic performances.

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Exploring the natural sounds of the human body, the musical performance “Corpus Nil” happens at Oi Futuro Flamengo tonight, February 8th, press photo.

The 27 selected works (out of 600) aim to reflect on the experimentation of new artistic languages with the use of new technological tools. Additionally, the Biennial intends to explore the transformation of the digital processes throughout time, and how it influences the human creativity and communication.

Gathering artists from Brazil, Chile, China, Spain, United States, Italy, Mexico and United Kingdom, the event brings the audience the latest and most visionary works from the world’s contemporary digital art, including pieces that blend art and scientific experiments.

“The event materializes our commitment to innovation and experimentation in arts, amplifying the discussion of the convergence of artistic languages and strengthening the digital arts’ field,” says Roberto Guimarães, Oi Futuro’s culture management.

One of this first Bienniel’s great highlights, the work of Brazilian artists and scientist Ivan Henriques, who currently resides in the Netherlands, problematizes the social relations by obtaining electricity from anaerobic bacteria and organic components.

The event, which, on February 6th, included a symposium with American scientist Joe David, from the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University’s Genetics Department, will also promote other promising attractions. Tonight, February 8th, at 8PM, Oi Futuro presents “Corpus Nil”, an Italian-British musical performance that explores the sounds of the human body.

Tomorrow, February 9th, at 2PM, representatives from the Harddiskmuseum, in Spain, will talk about the opportunities offered by the institution to Brazilian artists.

“We live in a moment when digital art starts to expand its boundaries: it is no longer a small niche. Digital art is moving towards contemporaneity to become the place for social experiences”, supports Tadeus Mucelli, curator of the First Digital Art Biennial.

What: Bienal de Artes Digitais (Digital Arts Biennial)
When: February 5th to March 18th – check event to see time details.
Where: Oi Futuro Flamengo – Rua Dois de Dezembro, 63 – Flamengo
Entrance: FREE


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