By Felicity Clarke, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Copacabana welcomes another European-flavored nightlife addition in the form of new underground nightclub ON11. Subtly located at the Copacabana beach end of Rua Francisco Otaviano in front of Copacabana Fort, ON11, spoken as onze or eleven in Portuguese, brings a stylish European discoteque experience to Rio’s clubbing scene.

ON11 Copacabana's latest nightclub, photo by

Speaking about the venture over an espresso, Italian owners Eugenio Passalacqua and Federico Cascioli outlined their mission with the new 1000 capacity club. “We want to bring the European style here”, says Eugenio, a trance DJ in Italy during the 90s rave years.

“The majority of clubs here are small, they’re lounges really”, Federico jumps in. “We’re totally oriented as the type of club you would typically find in London, Paris, or Rome. The illumination, the sound system, the music, it’s all imported from Europe”.

Originally from Rome, both had traveled to Rio many times before deciding to open a club here. “We wanted to do something outside Europe and choose Brazil, we love it” explains Eugenio. “With the World Cup and Olympics, and with tourism too, it’s growing and it has the feeling of a country improving”.

ON11's LED light show illuminates the dancefloor, photo by

With a partner from the famous DC10 nightclub in Ibiza, which provided inspiration for the name, Eugenio and Federico have created a quite spectacular offering in what is by many world standards, a city of mediocre clubbing options.

The plain, unsigned street entrance leads down to a sleek disco bunker, where it’s all about the dancefloor. A 350 square meter space with an incredible LED light show ceiling and three high definition screens, ON11 creates the euphoric clubbing environment stimulating the visual sense with its innovative rainbow illumination.

The club’s state of the art Martin Audio Sound System pumps out edgy house and electronic beats courtesy of resident DJ Gauthier DM. A resident at Ibiza’s DC10, the French DJ is excited about playing in Rio: ‘It’s a great challenge, because I understand that people here aren’t totally switched on to more underground music,” he says.

Gauthier DM is joined by guest DJs programmed by Andrea Pelino of iconic Ibiza night Circo Loco, already having featured Brazil’s biggest DJ Gui Boratto on the club’s opening weekend earlier this month.

Brimming with enthusiasm for the project, Eugenio and Federico are confident that ON11’s unique offering can strike the balance and attract a varied crowd. “Everyone says how difficult it is to achieve the melting pot of locals and tourists, people from different neighborhoods”, says Federico. “However with our philosophy I believe we can do it”.

ON11’s launch is following the opening of Cafe del Mar on Avenida Atlântica, also in Copacabana, showing signs that the area nightlife is picking up.

ON11, Rua Francisco Otaviano, 20A
Open Friday and Saturday, 11PM to 6AM
Entrance R$60 for men, R$40 for women, although may vary for special events.


  1. I was reading the article and feeling stoked to have such a club here in Rio – until i reached the bottom and saw the price. R$60 for guys… daaaammmmnnnnnnn!!!

    Total buzzkill. So i guess they’re seeking the upscale ‘Baronetti’ and ‘ Melt’ demographic..?

  2. R$60’s is nothing – down here in Porto Alegre the Pink Elephant charges R$80 for guys and R$30 for girls on the door.
    Then your drinks are put on top of that price when you leave!!!

    I want to know why on this clubs web site they have nothing in the calendar for December? a little strange don’t you think for a newly opened venue – you’d think they would have it all planned out for one of the busiest times of the year.

  3. Haha, well yeah… for the playboys who still live with their parents, R$60 is nothing – you’re correct! For me though, as an e-music fan, i would rather spend my money on the massive rave blowouts like Chemical and Tribe, which bring international DJs and usually cost R$40 for the first round of tickets. But it seems like the RJ government has cracked down on these events – despite their massive popularity, they don’t happen anymore…

  4. I once saw tickets for a Pacha party on the sugar loaf for R$300’s per ticket! now that is pricey!
    But R$60’s is about the standard door charge for clubs in world famous city’s like London, New York, Rio …
    If the DJ was unknown then I would hesitate before spending R$60’s to enter – they some times have for good events at the marina but A. they are a rip off and B. the facilities they provide are normally disgraceful like the loos and method of payment for drinks at the bar.
    Best club in Rio has to be the week! but it is a gay club! but for heterosexual like my self its worth going to every once and a while to actually get to hear some good sound in Rio.

  5. Yeah, i hear that The Week is a cool spot. And even though it’s technically a gay club, plenty of heterosexuals go there also, depending on the event / DJ.

  6. Well is 11 the new HELP whats the sketch guys is it a Gartoa De Programme venue I suspect it was only a matter of time…

  7. Hahaha… well, at least Help kept all the gringo sex tourists concentrated in one place… now they’re dispersed all over the city…

  8. I missed the opening party, and then I hear they have been delayed in re-opening. It sounds like it will be awesome though when it kicks off. Of course this is a completely different scene then HELP was, for that you’ll need to hang out at the Balcony Bar or something. As far as I can tell the club scene is pretty much Londra (if it’s still going), Boox, maybe Baronetti, Melt I guess… Cafe de Mar just opened too I guess…

  9. So this place is a 1000 capacity, in which case why were a lengthy line of smartly dressed ladies and gents waiting outside for in excess of 45 minutes on opening night ? My party gave it up after 30 minutes and moved on to Boox where we had another awesome time.
    A few days before the place opened one of the management team was handing out invites to many of the known ‘working girls’ on Copacabana Beach so the comments regarding it being the new Help may not be so widely remarked.

  10. My best friend had a job as a cocktail waitress there…….she said last night that they have closed…….and she doesn’t know when they will reopen. She hasn’t been paid……she said they have problems with their licenses………and she hopes to go back to work there, but based on what she has seen….she says she will look for a new job with a Brasilian owner who will pay the salary.

    Whay to bring European know – how to Brasil!!!!!

  11. Does anybody know is the new disco on 11 opened or closed One of the cocktail waitresses say they could not get there lic


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