By Maíra Amorim, Contributing Reporter

Paralamas do Sucesso, photo by Bernardo Mortimer
Paralamas do Sucesso, photo by Bernardo Mortimer.

RIO DE JANEIRO – The story behind the band Paralamas do Sucesso is one of courage and strength. After a tragic accident in 2001 that almost killed the lead singer, Herbert Vianna, they promptly got back on track and forged ahead with their successful career as a rock-pop band.

The group is now releasing their 19th album, “Brasil Afora” (Around Brazil) at Canecão, on Friday and Saturday, June 26th and 27th.

Paralamas was created in 1977 with the pairing of Herbet Vianna and Bi Ribeiro, who had the sole intention of producing unpretentious and funny songs. João Barone joined them in 1982 to form what would become one of the most successful Brazilian rock bands of all time. Along with bands such as Titãs, Barão Vermelho and Legião Urbana, they created the Br-Rock or Rock Brazil movement. This rock evolution exploded in the 80s, and continues to influence the country’s music scene to this day.

The band has faced serious challenges, and has still managed to became a group that crosses barriers in their fan base. They are well-liked by Brazilians whose other music tastes would not be welcome together at the same concert, let alone festival.

In 2001, however, Os Paralamas came to terms with a tragic episode. The singer Herbert Vianna crashed the plane he was flying, killing his wife, English journalist Lucy Needham Vianna. Hubert suffered serious injuries and after a long coma found himself bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Hubert lost all movement in his legs and suffered partial memory loss. The incident created a real commotion amongst fans and the music community. It was truly amazing when Herbert remembered most of the band’s songs and was still able to sing, play and compose.

Since the accident, the band has released four CDs and will be presenting the most recent, “Brasil Afora”, at Canecão. On the new album, Herbert, Bi and João flirt with ska, reggae and folk in songs that are already radio-hits, including “Meu Sonho” (My Dream) and “A Lhe Esperar” (Waiting For You). The show is part of a concert tour around Brazil and a visit to the places that have influenced their music. The CD has been approved by critics and fans alike, and just goes to prove this band is hard to stop. With thirty-two years of excellent music already under their belt, we can certainly look forward to much more to come from Paralamas do Sucesso.

Paralamas do Sucesso at Canecão
June 26th and 27th (Friday and Saturday) at 10PM
Av. Venceslau Braz, 215 – Botafogo, Tel.: 2543-4957
Tickets from R$70 (R$35 with student card)


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