By Harold Emert

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Russian President Vladimir Putin’s favorite enemy is coming to Brazil. The punk rock band Pussy Riot will be performing at Abril Pro Rock (Pernambuco music festival, April 19th) and the Fabrique Club (April 20th) in their first South American tour.

Last weekend, the band was in Argentina, where band leader Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 29, praised the pro-abortion movement.

“If Brazil is like Argentina, it should be very interesting. In Argentina, we had the participation of a Russian activist who talked about abortion, feminism, and human rights. I never experienced people reacting the way they did.”

Tolokonnikova, who spent two years in jail for staging a protest again Putin, urged Brazilian feminists to be in the front line of opposition against Jair Bolsonaro.

"If Brazil is like Argentina it should be very interesting".
“If Brazil is like Argentina it should be very interesting”.

“Activism is increasing, and feminism is almost becoming a trend. Things are changing, and I know that Putin will fight until the end, but he is losing touch with reality.”

For Nadya, the rise of the extreme right and of activism are connected.

“I believe people are desperately trying to find a solution and that this is a sign of being dissatisfied with traditional and liberal politics. As an activist from the left, I believe that our mission is to show Trump voters, for example, that he won’t help them.”


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