By Maíra Amorim, Senior Reporter

2008/2009 New Year's Eve fireworks on Copacabana Beach, photo by LFOM/Flickr Creative Commons License.
2008/2009 New Year's Eve fireworks on Copacabana Beach, photo by LFOM/Flickr Creative Commons License.

RIO DE JANEIRO – There are just days left before 2010 begins and you can feel the New Year’s Eve anticipation across Rio as Copacabana and other spots around Rio prepare.

At the world’s most famous beach, the fireworks show is planned to last 15 minutes and will be accompanied by special songs by Seu Jorge and Céu.

The fireworks this year are going to represent nine wishes for 2010: Renovation, Prosperity, Peace, Happiness, Friends, Family, Love, Brazil and the Future.

The big new advancement this year is the sound system, composed of 39 towers with a special delay system that will guarantee that the estimated two million spectators along the beach make the countdown at the same time.

Four separate stages will be set up along the length of Copacabana Beach. The one in front of Copacabana Palace Hotel is going to present; the Symphonic Orchestra (6PM), Paralamas do Sucesso and Carlinhos Brown (8PM), Lulu Santos (10PM), Fundo de Quintal (12:15PM), Salgueiro (2AM) and a DJ after that.

Paralamas do Sucesso is playing at Copacabana, photo taken from the band's official website
Paralamas do Sucesso is playing at Copacabana, photo taken from the band's official website

In front of Rua Santa Clara, the center of Copacabana beach, attractions are going to be; Cia. Aplauso (6PM), Rita Ribeiro (7PM), Ed Motta (8PM), Bangalafumenga (9:20PM), Roberta Sá and Pedro Luís (10:35PM), Blitz and Léo Jaime (12:15PM) and Beija-Flor and a DJ afterwards.

The stage located in front of Rua Miguel Lemos (closer to Arpoador) will receive DJ Marcelinho da Lua and Portela Samba School, while DJ Janot is bringing the music to people who will prefer to stay closer to Leme in front of Avenue Princesa Isabel.

Barra da Tijuca Beach is growing each year as a popular location to cross years in Rio. A special set of Brazilian and international DJs are going to please the fans of different types of music.

The party will start early in the afternoon with Bruno Barudi and Afro Rio (3PM), Soul Slinger (4PM), Rico Loop One Man Band (5PM), Shanghai Project Live Performance (6PM), Sax Appeal Live Performance (7PM), Bruno Barudi Live Vocal (8PM), David Amo & Julio Navas (from Spain, 9PM), Djuma Sound System Live Band (from Swzeterland, 10PM), The Reality Scientists and Afro Rio (11PM), Sesto Sento Live band (from Israel, 12PM) and Liquid Soul & Emok Back 2 Back (from Switzerland, 2AM).

At Flamengo Beach, from 8PM to 10PM a DJ will play the music, from 10P to 11:55PM sambist Makley Matos is coming on stage. The fireworks show is set to last 25 minutes and after that Richard will lead a roda de samba with the special appearance from Singer Ana Costa.

Niterói, at the other side of Guanabara Bay, is expecting to receive 400,000 people to see the 20 minutes fireworks show and performances from local bands such as Faixa Etária and Viradouro Samba School at Icaraí Beach. The stage will be set in front of Belizário Augusto Street. At Miguel de Frias Street and Comendador Queiroz, there will be tents with DJs playing. Piratininga Beach, in Niterói, is also going to have a fireworks show.

All the events at the above mentioned beaches are for free, but some things are important to know if you are planning to go to any of them. Taxis get very busy and very expensive at this time of the year, so don’t expect to simply find one open on the streets. It is better to call a company and make an advanced reservation. Some taxi drivers will also charge at their own will so expect to negotiate a price when you can’t get the chauffeur to use the “taxímetro”.

The traffic changes around all the neighborhoods that have New Year’s events as well. In Copacabana, for instance, it is not impossible to get by car after 6PM – only taxis, buses and motorcycles can enter the neighborhood.

The subway Metro has also a special schedule and program: it is only possible to ride if you buy the Réveillon ticket which leaves every hour from 7PM to 12PM. The tickets are on sale until 7PM at the 31st at Central, Carioca, Largo do Machado, Botafogo and Nova América/Del Castilho stations. The ride back home can be made from 12PM to 7AM only from the stations Cantagalo, Siqueira Campos, Cardeal Arcoverde and Largo do Machado.

Remember, it is also forbid to bring any kind of glass – the only exception will be made for champagne.

Feliz Ano Novo!


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