By Ciara Long, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Tonight in Rio’s Zona North (North Zone), directors of 2013 documentary film ‘Cidade de Deus – 10 Anos Depois’ (‘City of God – 10 years Later’) will host a special screening of the film. There will be a talk beforehand with the participation of one of the film’s directors, Cavi Borges, followed by a screening.

There will be a special screening of 'City of God - 10 Years' this evening in Zona Norte, internet photo recreation. Brazil, Brazil News, Rio de Janeiro, Entertainment, Arts and Culture, Film, Cinema, CIty of God, CIdade de Deus, "Cidade de Deus- 10 Anos Depois",
There will be a special screening of ‘City of God – 10 Years’ this evening in Zona Norte, internet photo recreation.

The notoriety of the reputation of Rio’s favelas as spaces for violence and organized crime were cemented by 2002 film ‘City of God’, named after one of the city’s larger favelas in Zona Oeste (West Zone).

But the city’s rapid transformation – including that of the Cidade de Deus favela – led directors Cavi Borges and Luciano Vidigal to make the documentary ‘City of God – 10 Years Later’. The documentary follows the lives of the film’s actors after its success, tracking how it changed their lives and the effect of the film on the community.

The original film was based on a novel by Paulo Lins, and is credited with launching the careers of some of Brazil’s biggest figures in cinema and culture today, including actress Alice Braga. Musician Seu Jorge also appears in the original film, and remains one of Brazil’s most established music personalities.

Borges and Vidigal wanted to blur the lines between reality and fiction with ‘City of God – 10 Years Later’, getting actors to recreate scenes from the original film a decade on. Borges will discuss the film’s aims with the audience before the screening this evening.

The evening will start from 6:30 PM in cultural space Leão Etíope do Méier, next to Méier’s Praça Agripino Grieco. It is free to participate, but visitors are encouraged to buy drinks from the venue to support the cultural space.

Leão Etíope do Méier is easily accessible by public transport, next to the Méier Supervia train station and with bus and taxi options for arrival as well.

What: ‘City of God – 10 Years Later’ screening with talk from directors
When: Tuesday, April 18th, 6:30 PM – 10PM
Where: Leão Etíope do Méier, Praça Agripino Grieco, Méier – Zona Norte
Entrance: FREE


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