By Chesney Hearst, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On November 19th there will be a special opening event for the Rio Rua Exhibition in Copacabana’s Galeria 80. DJs Tee Cardaci and Nicole Nandes will spin during the event and the exhibition will feature the works of Rio de Janeiro graffiti pioneer Acme, “post-graffiti” collective IDOLNO! and urban artist Gloye.

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“Basquiat” by IDOLNO!, photo reproduction.

“As a lifelong fan of graffiti and the hip hop culture it comes from, I love seeing the evolution of the art form, ” DJ Tee Cardaci told The Rio Times. “I think the work that IDOLNO collective is involved in is a strong example of this metamorphosis. I’m honored to help soundtrack this event, along with my amiga, Nicole Nandes from the legendary LUV parties!”

IDOLNO! is a multimedia art collective that was created in 2005 by artists Djone Real and Mary Girl. Now also consisting of artists Pink, Girl, Michel Sock, Bruna Oliveira, Flavia Zanelli, Bernardo Mendes, Sophie Charlotte, Letica Persiles and Nathalia Dill, the collective reuses materials, spray paints, stencils, acrylic paints, markers, and stickers to create “post-graffiti” and urban art that goes beyond painting on walls. They often use paints, spray paints and brushes on magazine photos and found images to create “photopaints.’

Self-taught urban artist and sculpture Acme is considered on of the pioneers of the Rio de Janeiro graffiti scene and is known for his activism through urban art.

Contemporary Rio de Janeiro artist Gloye is well known for his use of vibrant colors and three-dimensional shapes in his urban interventions. He is also known for his workshops and lectures about graffiti and urban art.

The Rio Rua Exhibition opening event will begin at 6PM on Thursday, November 19th. During the exhibition, all of Idol No Project’s works will be for sale including ten prints of the “Basquiat” piece signed by the artist.

What: Rio Rua Exhibition Opening
When: Thursday, November 19th, 6PM
Where: Galeria 80 Rua Rodolfo Dantas, 80
Entrance: See site for more information.


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