By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – This Tuesday, April 17th, Caixa Cultural, in Centro, opens the exhibit “Periferia da Imagem,” a film festival aimed at highlighting the exclusion of minority groups in the Brazilian audiovisual industry. Until April 29th, the free event displays forty contemporary independent productions from fourteen Brazilian states and also hosts free debates and workshops.

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“Martírio” (Martyrdom, 2016), which denounces the violence against indigenous group Guarani Kaiowá, will be exhibited on Friday, April 20th, photo internet recreation.

The exhibit includes short, medium, and feature-length movies, many of which are led by minority directors and producers. Created by Lucas Andrade, Pedro Lessa, and Tomaz Viterbo, “Periferia da Imagem” presents the latest audiovisual independent works that stand up against the silences of Brazil’s social minorities in the film industry.

Discussing important concepts like racism and gender from an alternative perspective, the festival hopes to promote independent Brazilian cinema as a powerful tool to understand our current social context, as well as to think of new political alternatives for the future.

Opening the festival this Tuesday, April 17th, at 6:30 PM will be “Estamos todos aqui” (We are all here, 2017), short production directed by Chico Santos and Rafael Mellim that portrays the daily reality of Rosa, a transgender who lives in Favela da Prainha, in Santos (São Paulo).

Written in collaboration with some of the favela‘s residents, the short film also reveals the brutal inequalities between the poor community and its prosperous neighbor, the port of Santos.

Caixa Cultural will also exhibit “A Margem” (The Margin, 1967). Directed by Ozualdo Candeiras, the feature-length production, also forming a part of Brazil’s marginal cinema movement, reflects on love under extreme poverty in a São Paulo favela and the daily challenges that come with it.

On Friday, April 20th, the short film, “Fantasmas” (Ghosts, 2010), directed by André Novais, will screen at 4PM. Next, in the feature-length, “Filme de Aborto” (The Abortion Movie, 2016), director Lincoln Péricles depicts the difficulties faced by a low-income couple in dealing with abortion, which is illegal in Brazil.

“It is impossible to ignore what we have been doing. A lot of things from our history have been erased, but we are here, showing respect to our ancestors, to our parents and to all of those who are still suffering,” says Péricles.

At 6PM, the movie “Martírio” (Martyrdom, 2016), denounces violence against the indigenous tribe, Guarani Kaiowá, who live under constant threat by powerful landowners in Central-Western Brazil.

“Periferia da Imagem” will also host a program of parallel activities: from April 24th to April 28th, director Lincoln Péricles will lead a free workshop on audiovisual production. Those interested in participating should register via email:

What’s more, on Saturday, April 21st, at 6:45 PM, actors Flaviane Damasceno, Jeckie Brown, Gabriel Martins, and Sabrina Fidalgo will join in a discussion on acting in contemporary cinema. Another panel discussion on cinema production in cultural collectives will be held at Caixa Cultural on the following Saturday, April 28th, at 5PM.

What: “Periferia da Imagem” (Periphery of Image Film Festival)
When: April 17th to April 29th – see sessions to check time details.
Where: Caixa Cultural do Rio de Janeiro – Avenida Almirante Barroso, 25 – Centro
Entrance: FREE


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