By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Since Saturday, January 20th, Caixa Cultural, in Centro, hosts the exhibit “Dorminhocos” (“Sleepyheads”), portraying French artist Pierre Verger’s photos on sleeping workers from all over the world. Until March 18th, visitors can see 145 photos, taken in places like Argentina, Peru, Congo, Guatemala and China.

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“Dorminhocos” showcases 145 of Verger’s photos, taken in places like Guatemala, Brazil, the French Polynesia and Mexico, photo by Pierre Verger©/ Fundação Pierre Verger.

All the photos displayed in the exhibition belong to the collection from the Pierre Verger Foundation, in Salvador (Bahia). Most of the 145 images are being showcased to the Carioca audience for the first time.

With the curatorship of Raphael Fonseca, “Dorminhocos” aims to present Verger’s anthropological regard on unusual social phenomena, like how different or similar men from different cultures are when sleeping.

“In times when everything is so accelerated, the exhibition contributes with the contemporary discussions on the pace of our daily life. This is an unusual frame from Verger’s work; at the same time, it stimulates some interesting reflections,” says Fonseca.

The project showcases Verger’s photos taken between the 1930s and the 1950s, in countries like Argentina, Peru, Congo, China, the French Polynesia, Guatemala, Mexico and Brazil (in Bahia, Pernambuco and Maranhão).

Mostly taken with the natural sunlight, the photos aim to reflect on the impact of the modernization on the workers’ bodies. The black-and-white shades end up surrounding the debate with a melancholic atmosphere.

According to Fonseca, “Dorminhocos” is an opportunity to get to know another aspect from Verger’s research, strongly marked by Afro-Brazilian themes. What’s more, the exhibition provokes discussions on the relations between class, race and social contrasts; on women in the workplace; on people and the space; and on the aesthetics of the male body.”

This Saturday, February 3rd, visitors can participate in a guided tour with curator Raphael Fonseca, who intends to take the audience to Verger’s particular anthropological and artistic universe.

Born in France and naturalized in Brazil, Verger lived in Salvador in his last 50 years and died in 1996. Widely known for his work with Afro-Brazilian and African religions, Verger’s research is a great reference for anthropologists until the present day.

What: “Dorminhocos” (Sleepyheads)
When: January 20th to March 18th – see venue to check time details
Where: Caixa Cultural do Rio de Janeiro – Avenida Almirante Barroso, 25 – Centro
Entrance: FREE


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