By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Tomorrow, Saturday, November 18th, Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB) opens another edition of “Madrugada no Centro”, a cultural event that will promote arts, music and culinary until November 20th.

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Afoxé Filhos de Gandhi, the most traditional Afro Brazilian cultural group in Rio, performs at “Madrugada no Centro” on Monday, November 20th, photo by Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil.

Offering attractions that cost from R$1 to R$20, this edition pays tribute to Brazil’s Black Awareness Day, celebrated on Monday, November 20th.

A favorite among Cariocas who are into independent Brazilian music, “Madrugada no Centro” is known for its high quality shows, chilled, pleasant vibe and very affordable prices.

Opening the event on Saturday, November 18th, will be the debate “O Negro no Brasil” (Blacks in Brazil) at 3PM.

Participating on the discussion wil be poet and actress Elisa Lucinda, singer Ellen Oléria, theater director Cristiana Moura, filmmaker Sabrina Fidalgo, singer Larissa Luz and journalist Márcio Ferreira.

Later on, “Madrugada no Centro” will be all about black music: parties “Soul de Santa” and “Passinho” will get it started at 11PM with the best of rhythms like soulfunky, rap, afrobeat, ethnojazz, reggae, dub, boogaloo and sambalanço.

Following, Bahian singer Larissa Luz goes up on the stage to present an amazing blend of electronic and Afro Brazilian music, inviting rappers MV Bill and Caio Prado for a special participation. Party Trap’in will close Saturday night with rap music, hip hop and electronic.

On Sunday, November 19th, the line-up starts at 9AM with a black entrepreneurship fair, including culinary and art stalls and music, with DJ Gabriel running the pick ups. From 11AM to 4PM, the event will promote activities for children, like an African doll making workshop.

At 5PM, women only group “Samba Que Elas Querem” will bring their great “roda de samba” to CCBB, which will be followed by the performance of filmmaker and actress Sabrina Fidalgo.

At 8PM, the “Baile Black Bom” party invites band Consciência Tranquila and DJ Flash to involve the audience with some 1970s funk and R&B. People will also have the opportunity to participate in a “passinho” dance workshop.

The culinary and arts fair continues on Monday, November 20th, from 9PM, followed by an Afro Brazilian storytelling for children at 11AM. Afterwards, there will be an Afro Brazilian dance workshop with Bahian master Eliete Miranda.

One of the most respected Afro Brazilian cultural groups, Afoxé Filhos de Gandhi, founded in 1951, brings all the tradition from the Afro Brazilian orishas and from rhythms like “ijexá” to CCBB at 4PM. Closing “Madrugada no Centro” will be the “Eu Amo Baile Funk” party, with DJ GrandMasterRaphael and the special participation of MC Carol.

What: “Madrugada no Centro” (Dawn at Centro)
When: November 17th to November 20th – see event to check time details
Where: Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil – Rua Primeiro de Março, 66 – Centro – Tel: (21) 3808-2020
Entrance: R$1 – R$20


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