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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Comedy in Rio is happening all around us everyday, although most frequently in Portuguese and not always accessible to native English speakers and foreigners here. Yet since 2014 an English-language comedy show has been performing semi-regularly in Copacabana, their next show is Monday, May 23rd from 7:45 PM, and the performers want to get the word out.

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Rio English-language comedy group performs in Copacabana, photo courtesy of Rio Night Live.

The organizers share, “The show on Monday, May 23rd, will feature regular performers, Harri Soinila (the Finnish cowboy), MC Amitov (Bollywood Carioca), Jon Jonz (designed to shock), William Mandell (comedy illusionist) and more!” Adding, “Musicians, Bernardo Carvalho and Guilherme Vaz, will entertain the audience at the beginning and during the interval with smooth guitar grooves.”

Rio Night Live started in 2014 when a Finnish comedian, Harri Soinila, and an American producer, Kim Levone, both living in Rio at the time, got together and arranged a series of comedy nights in different venues around Rio. Irish comedy organizer, Stephen Garland, hosted events during 2015. Since then, Rio Night Live has grown in popularity, with a rotating group of performers filling out the line-up.

The comedy sets are varied and have a broad appeal given the mix of nationalities of the foreign and Brazilian performers. Themes such as cultural adaptation, the dating game, daily news and politics tend to be dissected with amusing creativity. A spokesman for the group enthused, “Laughter is in the air and political correctness is out of fashion … well, this is the idea behind the latest series of comedy shows hosted by Rio Night Live!”

Other frequent acts and newcomers to Rio Night Live include Michelle Paz, Lucas Hoffman, Xris Roxxx, Matte Leão, Tim Kittappa, Krystee Morgan and Sage-Bee. The next comedy nights are scheduled for May 23rd, June 6th and June 20th. The shows start at 7:45 PM with guitar grooves, followed by an introduction from the MC at 8PM.

Visit Rio Night Live online at: and their Facebook page:

What: Rio Night Live English-language Comedy
When: Monday, May 23rd from 7:45 PM
Where: Bottle’s Bar, is part of the Beco das Garrafas enclave at Rua Diviver, 37, Copacabana, RJ
Entrance: R$20, with two consecutive visits, the third is free!

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