By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – This summer, Rio’s Museum of Art (MAR), in Centro, hosts the “MAR que Calor!” project, offering free cultural attractions for children and adults. Until the end of January 2018, visitors can participate in a photography course, a kite-making workshop, a book-making workshop, among other activities.

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“MAR que Calor!” opened on December 9th with “Hominus Brasilis”, awarded theater play on Brazil’s History, photo internet recreation.

The line-up started on December 9th with “Hominus Brasilis”, a theater spectacle on the History of Humanity and Brazil’s History, awarded with Shell’s Theater Prize and Cesgranrio’s Theater Prize (both in 2014). Opening the project was also the cultural experience with Niara do Sol, a Funil-ô/ Cariri Xocó indigenous teacher who shared her people’s traditional knowledge with the participants.

Today, December 19th, the event will promote a kite-making workshop. From 3PM to 5PM, children will have the opportunity to confection their own kites, activity that helps stimulating their motor and creative abilities. The participants will also learn the step by step to fly a kite in a safe way.

In January, the project’s program will be distributed in four main themes: photography, design, literature and body. The line-up starts with the Photography Week, to happen from January 2nd to January 7th. Besides the guided tours, which will present MAR’s photographic collection from Tuesday to Sunday, at 11PM, a photography course will be offered on Saturday, January 6th, at 2PM.

The following week will be dedicated to Design, offering guided visitations through MAR’s collection of paintings and drawings. On Saturday, January 13th, a drawing course will take place at MAR, with the exhibition “O Colecionador de Linha” (The Line Collector), by artist Claudio Paiva, being the starting point for this class.

From January 16th to the 21st, Literature will be the theme of MAR’s cultural activities, including a guided tour through the museum’s library. A book-making workshop, aimed at stimulating the book-making process with unconventional materials, takes place at MAR on January 16th.

Closing the program of “MAR que Calor!” will be the “Corpo em Movimento” week, which reflects on the relations between body and art. The workshop “Criação com o Corpo em Movimento”, to happen on January 27th, will introduce the participants to some dance expressions and inspire them to create their own performances.

What: “MAR que Calor!”
When: December 9th – January 28th – check the program to see time details.
Where: Museu de Arte do Rio – Praça Mauá, 5 – Centro
Entrance: FREE – in order to participate in the courses, one must sign up by clicking here.


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