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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Since last Saturday, June 24th, the Museu do Amanha (Museum of Tomorrow) in Centro hosts “Vivências do Tempo: matrizes africanas” (Experiences of the time: African roots), a free event dedicated to the African experience in Brazil. Representatives of the Afro Brazilian culture in Rio will lead debates, performances and educational activities until next Saturday, July 1st.

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Group Afoxé Filhos de Gandhi opened the event last Saturday, June 24th, with a spiritual cleansing ceremony, photo internet recreation.

Opening the event was the cultural group Afoxé Filhos de Gandhi, with a spiritual cleansing ceremony, characteristic from the Afro Brazilian religions.

Today, June 28th, the event starts at 10AM with the seminar “Escravidão e ações de liberdade” (Slavery and freedom actions), aimed at discussing the black memory in the contemporaneity. The documentaries’ exhibition “Identity and struggle” happens at 2PM, followed by a debate with the films’ directors.

On Thursday, June 29th, the event promotes the debate “Quilombo amanhã” (Quilombo tomorrow) at 3PM, focused in the relations between Afro Brazilian resistance and territory.

The exhibition of the film “Deixa na régua” happens on Friday, June 30th, at 2PM, followed by a discussion on the black man’s body. Closing that day’s activities is the dance performance of group Bonde do Jack (Jack’s bond).

“We wanted to increase the region’s visibility, as well as all the reflections that come with it. It is fundamental to understand what is this place, who are these people who live there, how Brazil became African. In essence, it is about understanding who we are”, says Laura Taves, Museu do Amanha’s communitarian relations manager.

On the last day of “Vivências do Tempo”, the audience will have the opportunity to dance with an Afro Brazilian music presentation, led by percussionists Rodrigo Maré and Pablo Carvalho, and dancer Pamela Carvalho, at 5PM. Group Baobá will close the event with a musical parade at 5:45 PM.

The event aims to promote a tribute to the Valongo Wharf, in Rio’s Port Zone, which used to be the largest entry point for African slaves in the Americas. The Valong Wharf is one of the candidates to become the next UNESCO’s world heritage site.

What: “Vivências do Tempo: Matriz Africana”
When: Saturday, June 24th – Saturday, July 1st
Where: Museu do Amanhã – Praça Mauá, 1, Zona Portuária – Centro – Tel: (21) 3812-1800
Entrance: FREE (registration needed for the seminars)


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